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Organizational focus and the appropriate use of insights is foundational for enterprise agile delivery. Sapience Vue provides utilization and infrastructure analytics to assist IT professionals in the monitoring, allocation, troubleshooting, and planning of their software and technology assets.  Understand how your infrastructure is supporting productivity across the enterprise with a comprehensive picture of how people, process, and technology interact and move the business forward.

Optimize Your IT Infrastructure with Intelligent Data to:

  • Reduce IT expenditures.
  • Improve service levels.
  • Right-size your IT solutions.
  • Build a more efficient workforce.

Discover Insights with IT for Agile Delivery

  • Insights across Product, Portfolio and Enterprise.
  • Drive culture focused on output to outcomes through leading indicators.
  • Efficient use of insights for a successful agile organization.
  • Insights based on business value, velocity & flow, quality, and organizational effectiveness.

Proactively Manage IT Assets

  • Utilization insights for employees and vendors (time, patterns, versions).
  • Perform audits and rationalize license distribution.
  • Inform, data-driven software planning on spend.
  • Usage-based reports to drive adoption, collaboration, and productivity.

Monitor Device Performance and System Health Checks

  • Discovery and visibility of all endpoints connected to your network.
  • Automated capture of details for network devices like seats, serial #, hardware, IP address, and other relevant information.
  • Traffic and behavior monitoring with analysis of capacity, utilization, performance, and problems.

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