Data Analytics For The Modern-Day Manager

With the emergence of the hybrid workforce, expectations for managers have not shifted from improving the operations of the organization. More importantly, you are entrusted with the care and wellbeing of the most valuable asset – your people. Workforce analytics when approached with the right objectives keeps you on top of daily activities, with your employees at the center.

Employee Engagement

  • Maintain visibility into the work efforts of teams and individuals
  • Improve relationships with people
  • Balance workloads to prevent burnout and turnover
  • Establish employee performance benchmarks
  • Compare ways of working to leverage best practices
  • Make less biased, more objective decisions around employee
  • Identify unengaged and at-risk employees
  • Recognize needs for training and development

Corporate Culture

  • Build a culture of trust and transparency
  • Create conditions for a healthy and engaging work environment
  • Discover effective strategies to manage a disparate workforce
  • Mentor instead or micro-manage
  • Take employee privacy seriously and strive to respect and protect personal data
  • Avoid the tendency to use data insights to act as an enforcer who polices
  • Cultivate stronger more personable relationships with employees

Business Performance

  • Drive productivity with a focus on core work activities and reducing distractions
  • Make in office, remote or hybrid work model decisions
  • Establish smart workflows and simplified processes
  • Maximize usage of and investment in tools and software
  • Use patterns and trends to build repeatable processes

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