We Empower Enterprises to Make Faster and Better Workforce and Resource Utilization Decisions.

With clear visibility into the effort data of people, processes, and technology, our platform gives business leaders a competitive and data-driven advantage on key operational decisions.​

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Our Story

Founded in 2009 with a vision to digitally transform the workplace across people, processes, and technology.​

In 2017, Brad Killinger joined the company to lead its next wave of global strategy and growth. During this time, he spearheaded the relocation of the company’s headquarters to the Dallas-Fort Worth area of the U.S., and the expansion of its customer and employee footprint, and enhancing its flagship product with new features and functions. In March 2018, Killinger was named chief executive officer of Sapience Analytics, propelling the company’s growth over the next 20 months. ​

In 2018, it became clear that the nature of work was changing at warp speed. In response to this, Sapience Analytics expanded its portfolio to include a multifaceted view of enterprise effort, with visibility into enterprise workforce, processes and technology, while also bringing to market its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Sapience Vue was launched in 2020 to provide unprecedented visibility via fully automated and real-time reporting into work patterns, employee engagement, productivity, workforce capacity, team utilization, software utilization, outsourcing governance and end user device experience management, for greater control and confidence in managing the in-office and remote workforce.​

Sapience Vue has been shown to be so vital to help organizations navigate the new world of work, it was named a winner of TMC’s Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards in 2020. ​

Today, Sapience is used by more than 90 companies in 18 countries worldwide, with over 1 trillion work hours analyzed to date. Sapience is fundamentally changing the way companies operate, enabling businesses to build a better version of their organization every day for ultimate agility and competitive advantage.

Our Mission!​

To empower our customers, with remarkable visibility into the effort data of their people, processes, and technology, to enable quicker decisions on utilization of resources. Our data platform enables our customers to leverage our technology on key operational decisions to make better choices in a clear and transparent manner.​

Our Vision!​

To become the market leader in providing actionable insights and predictable analytics by consuming business effort data and making it available globally.​

Our Core Values



We are dedicated to our customer’s success and to the growth and development of our employees.

Customer Focus

We will view situations from our customer’s perspective which will allow us to meet their needs and create credible partnerships


We will work together as a TEAM to develop the right solutions
that add value. ​


We will challenge the status quo, create new ideas, and
remove complexity.


We will be accountable and responsible for our actions and exercise ethical principles in our ways of working​.


We represent a broad range of talent and value the diversity of our employees and customers.​

The Sapience Logo

The Sapience icon depicts both a human figure and a floating ball. The spherical shape symbolizes the holistic view Sapience provides customers, giving visibility into every aspect of operation. On the human side, Sapience elevates the engagement, performance and mindfulness of individuals and organizations that use it.


Our strong management team and experienced board members are adept at tackling complex challenges and provide us with the perspective needed to appropriately channel our knowledge and energy. The breadth and depth of our experience allows us to push forward in ways that make people think — challenging convention and seizing opportunity to create truly exceptional results.

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Sapience was founded with a vision to transform people, processes, and productivity. With dashboards that deliver insights about how time is spent, people are able to budget time more effectively. Those hours don’t disappear anymore. Instead, they’re used wisely and well, so work/life balance and high productivity become everyday realities, not impossible goals.

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