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Sapience Vue: Moneyball for Enterprises
Rohit Singla
Moneyball for the EnterpriseImproved Performance Through Insights and Analytics How Every Enterprise Can Change the Game with Analytics as a Sports Enterprise didQuintessential to Spring in North America is the Major League Baseball (MLB) season which recently kicked off as Read More
The new normal
How Organizations Are Devising Winning Workplace Strategies for the ‘New Normal’ with Analytics For many years now, employee engagement has become a board-level priority, but of late it’s become a business imperative of the highest level. Winning in the marketplace starts with Read More
Adopting Golden Hour it with Sapience Vue
Rohit Singla
Adopting the Golden Hour with Sapience Vue - Shining Through Golden Hours! Covid-19 has changed habits – work, personal life; work and meetings have shifted from meeting rooms, hallways, and water coolers to living rooms and kitchen tables. We call Read More
Allocating Golden Hour
Rohit Singla
Allocate an Hour at Work to Make it Golden! Are you able to work at your best? The answer may not appear in your mind at first glance, but it has personal and professional implications.  Your best performance as an Read More
Nicholas Leibowitz
Green Shoots - Implement a hybrid workforce model with Sapience Vue Spring is well underway in the communities that surround New York City. Signs of life are now everywhere outdoors. These green shoots bring optimism.Hopes were already high this season Read More
Rohit Singla
Golden Hour: Take Charge of Your LIFE Know the hour most golden for you Although there is good news on increasing productivity, employees are having long workdays with too many emails and virtual meetings for virtual collaboration in remote working. Read More
Wesley Bryan
Maximize Time Management and Employee Productivity with IoT-enabled Solutions In a world where time is becoming an important currency, it can be challenging for individuals to focus on work, with distractions, which makes proper planning even more difficult. Time management Read More
Analytics Will Be at the Helm of a Digitally Dexterous Workforce in 2021 and Beyond Amidst all the chaos and scare that 2020 brought along, enterprises pumped more money to up their digital game. Digital investments became a primary focus, Read More
Driving operational outcomes with the power of workforce analytic solutions Organizations worldwide are eagerly adopting workforce analytics. It has opened doors to better understanding and renders a firm grip on business and productivity even in a fast-growing WFH environment. Despite Read More