Faqs - Sapience

Frequently Asked

  • What is Sapience Vue?

    Sapience Vue is a SaaS-based work effort analytics tool that is based on our 10 years of experience in large global enterprises. It provides unprecedented visibility into the usage of applications, devices, and employee work patterns. Our BI provides predictive analytics that enables substantial business decisions that come automatically from almost any device and application in your enterprise.

  • How does Sapience Vue work?

    Sapience Vue data is collected by our endpoint data collector called Lens, a minimally intrusive bot that reports information as frequently as every 15 seconds. This data enables workers, management, and executives to derive valuable insights that drive fact-based decisions. It provides a multifaceted view of Enterprise Effort in various dimensions.

  • Why is Sapience Vue such a great Work From Home solution?

    In this new era of working from home, employers and employees need to be better connected and be able to quickly and accurately measure workforce productivity, emerging work from home patterns, and retain high levels of productive work effort. Sapience is the ideal solution for this new world of work.

  • What are the key benefits of using Sapience?

    • Gain visibility into work patterns, employee engagement data, and productivity.
    • Fully automated view of team utilization.
    • Cost savings and ROI within first few months of deployment.
  • What measurable benefits do Sapience customers enjoy?

    Client surveys across our user base have shown:

    • 15-20% productivity improvement within the first 6 months of Sapience deployment.
    • Reduced outsourcing vendor costs by 20%.
    • Reduce software costs by 10-15% by collecting precise software utilization data.
    • Eliminate the costs of manual tools such as timesheets.
  • What metrics does Sapience provide?

    Sapience comes with a rich variety of commonly used reports, graphics, and measurement tools. It also contains a powerful Business Intelligence Engine that can supply customized graphic output.

  • How compatible is Sapience with desktop platforms, applications, and browsers?

    Sapience works in almost any enterprise environment on virtually any device with an operating system. Our customers use a variety of browsers. Sapience gathers accurate application use on most commonly used business applications.

  • How secure is Vue?

    Sapience operates in a highly secure Microsoft Azure environment, and data is encrypted. Our global enterprise clients conduct annual security and risk compliance audits each year, using strict guidelines. Vue is enterprise-grade, designed for the most demanding environments.

  • Does Vue capture PII or infringe on privacy?

    Sapience captures Company ID, Data Subject ID, Data Subject email, and Event Data. As Sapience has privacy as a core principle, we ensure that there are no keylogging or screen capture/screen recording capabilities. Please see our Privacy & Cookie Policy for more information