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Workforce Analytics for the
New Era of Work

Discover the value of your workforce data
with an automated,
unbiased, intelligent analytics platform

Reduce contingent
workforce spend by 30%

Make fact-based
sourcing decisions

Ensure accurate
billing for services

Optimize external
labor capacity

Strengthen negotiation
position with vendors

Drive better organizational
results with data-driven insights

Allocate resources with
utilization & capacity insights

Improve outcomes for individuals,
teams & the business.

Use insights to optimize
productivity by 30%

Increase time on core
high-value activities

Dependable Data

Automated, near real-time
processing of relevant
workforce data for
up-todate, accurate,
actionable insights

Powerful Visualizations

Customized, intuitive
dashboards and graphics
provide actionable
business intelligence for
the entire organization

Privacy & Security First

Complies with federal and
international privacy
regulations and guidelines
and includes enterprisegrade
security features

Blueprint for Success

Seamless, fast onboarding
to simple administration,
supported by experienced
experts delivering
time-tovalue in weeks

Undeniable ROI

Discover cost-savings
opportunities, improve
efficiency, transform the
employee experience, and
so much more

Trust, but Verify: The Future of External Workforce
and Supplier Relationship Management

Modernize your approach to partnering with suppliers and optimize your contingent
workforce spend with Sapience transparenSEE®, a workforce analytics solution for
improving external labor capacity management.
  • Save time and money
    Sapience transparenSEE® customers typically realize savings and/or rebates of 30-50% in as little as three months.
  • Reduce business risk
    Automated data collection reduces errors and simplifies validation of purchase orders, timecards, and invoices.
  • Obtain clarity in your decision-making
    Empower your business with the knowledge of what is really happening with worker activity.
  • Level the playing field in supplier negotiations
    Improve your ability to negotiate with your partners. Come to the table with unbiased data and insights about the realities of work performed.
<span class="text-orange">Trust, but Verify:</span> The Future of External Workforce  and Supplier Relationship Management

Transform Business Operations with Workforce Analytics
One Platform, Two Solutions

Enterprise level solutions for advance workforce capacity management
Sapience Business
Advanced reporting and recommendation engine with compelling data visualizations and insights.
Sapience Integration
Dynamically connect to the data that matters the most for business outcomes.
Ease of implementation and administration with expansive capabilities and minimal maintenance.
Sapience transparenSEE®
Optimize your external labor capacity and save millions while maintaining steady operations.
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Sapience VUE®
Optimize your internal workforce capacity and stay completive while protecting employee privacy.
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Global Enterprises Trust Sapience

From global financial institutions to software innovators and insurance giants, Sapience customers include leading enterprises across industries.


Adoption of a data-driven approach to manage a global contingent workforce with insights into output and efficiency to validate work activity and address overbilling.


A global bank in the financial services industry across 40 countries with over 75,000 employees and approximately 6,000 contingent workers who rekied on self-reported hours by their vendors.


Deployed our Sapience transparenSEE® automated workforce analytics platform across an initial workforce of 6,000. Within 3 months with our data, they recouped millions in excess spending, restructured future outsourcing contracts and improved their work environment.

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Cost Savings Realized in 3 Months


Return On Investment (ROI)


Implementation of an effective remote work strategy that enables a positive work experience while achieving improved operating performance.


A leading mortgage lender producing and servicing residential mortgage loans and managing investments. Solving for 6000+ employees of the organization, with data available from multiple systems, and a requirement non-invasive solution.


We easily implemented our Sapience VUE® automated workforce analytics platform and quickly provided leadership with BI reporting allowing them gain visibility, optimize resources, reap the benefits of remote work without sacrificing productivity.

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Value of Improved Productivity


Decline in Non-Productive Work


Collection of workforce data to aid in the removal of waste in day-to-day work activities due to a lack of visibility and it’s impact on high-value tasks.


A leading international bank responsible for wealth management, private equity, retail banking, investment banking and credit card services with over 75,000 employees.


Deployed our Sapience VUE® automated workforce analytics platform across several teams and within 3 months data revealed inefficient tasks, underutilized software, excessive work hours, leading them to better employee wellbeing.

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Increase in Productivity


Decline in Excessive Work

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