Create organizational transparency

With clear visibility into the effort data of people,
processes, and technology, get a data-driven
advantage on key operational outcomes with
Sapience Vue.

Sapience Vue

Moneyball for the Enterprise

Improved Workforce Performance Through Blended View
Of Effort Data With Output Data!

Sapience Vue
Our next-gen Enterprise Work Activity Analytics,
Insights & Productivity SaaS Product.

For Work from Home, Office, Anywhere.

Sapience Vue offers solutions based on an IoT platform that offers highly sophisticated dashboards,
that helps identify patterns and define business goals and priorities.

That Sapience Vue Product Offers

Drive productivity improvements with a remote workforce working from anywhere in the world.

Optimize your organization’s workforce productivity with automated data and analytics.

Empower your organization IT outsourcing practice with near -time work activity analytics.

Employ a data-driven approach to software utilization, optimization, and management.

Enhance employee’s device experience with automated end user device health data.

Sapience Vue Integration Framework

Understanding what your workforce is doing, and how they’re spending their time, is one thing. But, when you can correlate those efforts to
actual outcomes, that’s when you gain the insight to drive positive, measurable change.

Connect with the Work Data
that Matters the most

Connect with the
Work Data that
Matters the most

That’s exactly what the integration framework within Sapience Vue helps you to do. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so, you can quickly start pulling digital work pattern data from your existing business systems quickly and easily. Then, our solution automatically blends that data with the other information we collect to give you a comprehensive view of productivity across your organization.


We built our Integration Framework with one goal in mind: make it simple for you to access data from any piece of software or application that is important to you—whether that’s something as ubiquitous as Salesforce, as specialized as a loan origination system, or as unique as a customized, home-grown quoting solution. 

While our Integration Framework is the vehicle, the real value is what it delivers—a blended view of effort data with output data—so, you can identify the combination of work activities that consistently produce the optimum results.

With Sapience Vue you get


Actionable Insights

Manage team productivity, close skill gaps and unlock potential using contactless aggregated work data.



Guide your outsourcing team with self-reporting with automated work activity analytics.

360-degree visibility

360-degree view

Operate with increased visibility from every angle into people, processes, and technology resources.


End-user experience

Collect endpoint data such as CPU usage, disk space, bandwidth, etc.


Faster Time to Value

Achieve faster Time to Value (TTV) for your organization.


Predictive Analytics

Make better business decisions with built-in machine learning for predictable operational outcomes.

Drive your Organization’s Workforce Productivity with Sapience Vue Work Activity Analytics and Insights.

Organizational transparency to enable
fact-based decisions

Business Insights: Turning work activity
data into answers