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Use Sapience to drive a powerful operational and financial transformation within your human capital spend.

Visibility to Control Contingent Workforce Spend.

30% Cost Savings Opportunity

Find out how our solution, Sapience transparenSEE, uses digitally captured data and insights to reduce costs by 30% or more, drive improved supplier performance, and increase the capacity of existing outsourced workers.
SAPIENCE transparenSEE

Work Effort Analytics for Business Decisions.

Average 2Hr Productivity Improvement

Sapience Vue uses unbiased, automatically captured, near real-time work data to strengthen leadership’s confidence in how the business is working and prioritize high value people initiatives for improvement of your permanent workforce.

Beyond Data to Action


Analytics, insights & decision support platform.

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Sapience Business Intelligence

Advanced reporting and recommendation engine with compelling data visualizations
and insights.

Sapience Integration Framework

Dynamically connect to the data
that matters the most for
business outcomes.


Ease of implementation and administration with expansive capabilities and minimal

Global Enterprises trust Sapience

We help them get the most from their data to save money and improve productivity.
Leading Global Bank

Needed a data-driven approach to manage a global contingent workforce.
Fintech and Payments Industry

Wanted to verify if being overbilled for outsourced teams.

Global Insurance
Wanted an automatic method to understand work patterns and improve efficiency across the enterprise.

Intelligent Three-Way Match – Trust, but Verify

Sapience transparenSEE transforms how your managers approve contingent workforce spend.
Verify hours worked with unbiased work data.  

  • Save More Time and Money
    Reduce costs with automated, unbiased data.
  • Adequate Records for Audit Trail
    Automated data collection reduces errors and simplifies validation of PO, timecards, and invoices.
  • Control Your Own Work Data
    Empower your business with the knowledge of what is really happening with worker activity.
  • Simplify Supplier Negotiations
    Complete transparency elevates your vendor relationships to help meet business needs. 
Intelligent <span class="text-orange-p">Three-Way Match</span> – Trust, but Verify

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