Create organizational transparency

With clear visibility into the effort data of people, processes, and technology, get a data-driven advantage on key operational outcomes.

MicrosoftTeams-Sapience Analytics
MicrosoftTeams-Sapience Analytics

Our next-gen Enterprise Work Activity Analytics,
Insights & Productivity Solution.

For Work from Home, Office, Anywhere.

Sapience Vue offers solutions based on an IoT platform that offers highly sophisticated dashboards,
that helps identify patterns and define business goals and priorities.

How does it work: Sapience Vue ‘LENS’ is our work data collector a lightweight IoT data collection software installs on work machines (desktop, mobile … etc.) and aggregates thousands of data points from every corner of the digital enterprise. These insights are translated into prescriptive reports providing the WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE to optimize operations for data-driven digital transformation.

That Sapience Vue Product Offers

Drive productivity improvements with a remote workforce working from anywhere in the world.

Optimize your organization’s workforce productivity with automated data and analytics.

Empower your organization IT outsourcing practice with near -time work activity analytics.

Employ a data-driven approach to software utilization, optimization, and management.

Enhance employee’s device experience with automated end user device health data.

Drive your Organization’s Workforce Productivity with Sapience Vue Work Activity Analytics and Insights.

Organizational transparency to enable
fact-based decisions

Business Insights: Turning work activity
data into answers


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