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A contactless and automated solution that provides actionable insights and predictive analytics, with
employee privacy at its core.

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Creating Transparency that Enables Fact-Based Decisions


With a combination of data bots and integrations, customers gain clarity into activity and processes previously unavailable. Sapience gathers all activity from customers’ endpoints, 
systems, and applications  enabling fact-based decisions.​



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Work Activity Analytics, Insights & Productivity

IT Outsourcing

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We Believe in Employee Privacy!​


Sapience Products are designed to create transparency within organizations, while keeping personal, private and corporate data secure. The software development was guided by security-by-design and privacy-by-design principles, thus ensuring full privacy compliance and strong data security across our platforms.​



Sapience Vue is the Data Platform for All Your Integration Needs


Sapience’s managed integration framework provides a platform for your 360 degree data needs. Our data connectors will support both Push or Pull protocols and connect with the corresponding API of Customer enterprise systems.
It would be bundled as a part of the solution.​



Sapience Vue Business Intelligence (BI) Portal for Data and Analytics Leaders

Our built-in BI platform will change how your organization looks at Analytics & BI as it provides industry leading analytics capability at your fingertips. Our user-friendly portal bridges the capability gap and supports BI Portal Users in easily creating their own custom reports, driving better adoption.​



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