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What does your data say about productivity? With Sapience Vue, no need to assume that work is getting done. With data from devices and numerous business systems, empower employees with Vue’s built-in report writing capabilities to help measure performance. Below are some examples of reports helping customers improve outcomes and proactively identify issues impacting productivity.

  • Dashboards

    Are there activities or applications that you suspect are slowing your team down? Vue’s data visualization capabilities enable visibility to:

    • Trends and patterns in daily activities and software usage.
    • Work patterns of contingent workforce.
    • Maintain workload balance across teams and prevent employee burnout.
  • Custom Reporting

    You don’t have to be a data scientist to generate sophisticated reports. With Sapience Vue’s BI Report capabilities, users are equipped to slice data from multiple sources to uncover key business insights.


  • Work Hour Analysis

    With so many tools and activities competing for employee attention, how do you sustain a workforce that maintains a high level of core focus time? Our daily work effort metrics provides this information to: 

    • Understand applications used versus core activities.
    • Ensure balanced distribution of work across your team.
    • Encourage breaks and personal time to minimize burnout.
  • Improve Meeting Effectiveness

    Understanding meeting habits to maximize work time is important. This type of report helps managers understand the level of engagement and effectiveness of meetings in their organization. Learn about the average number of meetings per day, meetings as a percentage of worktime, top applications used during meetings, and more.

  • Software Utilization

    How does your company manage your IT investments? Make informed decisions with Vue’s Software Utilization reports.

    • IT Managers have quality visibility to employee and vendor use of software.
    • Drive cost efficient purchasing practices for enterprise-wide software investments.
    • Implement a framework to manage license distribution and compliance policies.
  • Compliance

    Health and wellness are legitimate concerns at all levels of an organization. In all working models, management needs access to meaningful information that can help minimize fatigue and burnout like Vue’s Wellness Check report.

  • KPI Comparative Analysis

    Successful businesses thrive when management can predict outcomes that push initiatives across the finish line, serve customer needs and execute on requirements that drive revenue. Vue’s Comparison reports provide line-of-sight to focus time and core activities for full-time and contingent employees.

  • Vendor Management

    Better manage your vendor relationships with KPIs reflecting how your contingent workforce is spending their time in a given time period. With this data-driven approach, better define SLAs with an automated process that ensures transparency and sets clear goals.






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Sign up for a free Sapience demo. Learn how to identify hidden insights in your workforce data to drive productivity.

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