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Sapience empowers employees and teams to work smarter, not harder.

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PLANO, TEXAS, February 20, 2020 – Sapience understands the concerns and misperceptions that exist. However, the Sapience platform is built to promote individual and organizational self-improvement while protecting the privacy of any user of the platform. Sapience has deployments in 16 countries that are realizing significant improvements in employee wellbeing, individual and team productivity, and more accurate workload balancing and capacity management. Sapience also enables employers to implement work from home initiatives and flexible workday arrangements. 

The end user’s privacy is, by design, paramount to Sapience. Employees understand this with communications explaining that the use and purpose of Sapience is to provide individuals with a ‘mirror’ into their work habits allowing users to better manage their workday, avoid work related stress, and promote a work-life balance.  

Sapience supports these initiatives by providing end users and organizations with metrics to improve work-life balance for employees while increasing efficiency of time spent at work.

The Sapience desktop application includes pop-ups such as “Time to take a break” and “You’ve had a long day” as part of the application’s aim to reduce organizational stress and to keep teams energized.

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