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PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 Announcement

Sapience Analytics Recognized as Major Contender in Everest Group’s First People Analytics Platforms PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024

MCKINNEY, Texas—June 11, 2024—Sapience Analytics, a global leader helping enterprises optimize capacity management with automated workforce analytics, announced it has been recognized as a Major Contender in the People Analytics Platforms PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 by research firm Everest Group. The firm assessed 18 people analytics platform providers based on client feedback, technology capabilities, and services offered. As a Major Contender, Sapience is highlighted for its ability to automatically capture, process and visualize data for generating workforce-related insights and their ability to track critical HR metrics in areas such as recruitment, turnover and performance management, among others.

Everest Group’s first of its kind report on the people analytics category provides insights into how effectively these platforms can help enterprises aggregate data from various employee touchpoints, process it, and provide actionable insights for strategic and operational decisions.   Sapience Analytics was recognized as one of the few providers that deliver insights into the external labor workforce, helping enterprises to optimize spend and enhance productivity to generate a higher ROI. Sapience was also highlighted for its library of enterprise solutions/platform APIs and its ability to integrate and generate insights from multiple data sources.

“Sapience Analytics’ ability to provide real-time visibility into enterprise-wide data, enabled by automatic data retrieval from multiple sources, can provide a holistic picture of the enterprise for making executive-level decisions,” said Sharath Hari N, Vice President, Everest Group. ” Sapience offers a differentiated capability, which provides insights into the external labor while ensuring data security, all of which contributed to being recognized as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s People Analytics Platforms PEAK Matrix® 2024 Assessment.”

The Everest Group PEAK Matrix® is globally recognized for its thorough assessment of providers, locations, and solutions for enterprise leaders. With today’s growing need for analytics supporting the data-driven organization, Everest Group suggests that enterprises will increasingly rely on the actionability of these people analytics platforms to determine the next course of action for their workforce related business decisions.  

“We are thrilled to be recognized as a Major Contender in People Analytics Platforms by Everest Group. This acknowledgment is a testament to our relentless commitment to innovation and our dedication to empowering enterprises with actionable insights for workforce optimization,” said Brad Killinger, CEO, Sapience Analytics. “Our ability to deliver comprehensive and near real-time data analytics from both internal and external labor categories sets us apart in the industry, and we are proud to support our clients in providing actionable insights supporting informed, strategic decisions to enhance their workforce productivity, efficiency, and optimization planning.”

About Sapience Analytics

At Sapience Analytics, we recognize that the way companies work is experiencing the largest transformation since the Industrial Revolution. Sapience Analytics delivers a workforce analytics platform that includes automated workforce data collection, data integration and orchestration, interactive visualizations, data democratization, and decision-making insights to amplify a businesses’ ability to optimize its human capital investments and outcomes. We enable executives and managers to stop guessing and start knowing what’s really happening across their enterprise in today’s modern work environment. For more information, visit

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