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A Contingent Workforce Solution to Reduce Your Spend 30%+

Outsourcing is a strategy used by more than 75% of businesses, but studies find most contingent workforce solutions contracts fail to deliver the promised value. With Sapience transparenSEE, you gain visibility into your Supplier’s performance and achieve optimal productivity, efficiency, and cost savings from your contingent workforce.

Easily Integrate with Existing Vendor Management Systems

  • Single platform solution
  • Industry agnostic
  • Integrations and extensibility
  • No hidden costs and no surprises
  • Enterprise-grade data security

Answer Business Critical Questions That Impact the Bottom Line

  • Am I overpaying for unaccounted hours?
  • Can I get early warnings if a project may miss its deadlines?
  • Do we really need to add headcount, or can the existing team do more?
  • Are we sourcing the right suppliers for our contingent workforce solution?

Vendor Value Analysis Can Help Avoid Costly Outsourcing Challenges

  • Improve end-to-end visibility from work activity to invoicing.
  • Eliminate the manual one-sided reporting process.
  • Establish benchmarks with visibility into contingent workforce activity.
  • Ensure the investment value of your contingent workforce solution.

Make Confident Business Decisions

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Benefits of Sapience transparenSEE The Enabling Technology for Your Contingent Workforce Solution

  • Cost Improvement
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Skill Alignment
  • Negotiation Leverage
  • Business KPI’s
  • Business Risks
  • Capacity Management
  • Supplier Selection

Cost Improvement

Gain visibility to any discrepancy between the supplier invoice and actual time worked. Data insights can offer savings potential ranging from 10% to 30% negotiated savings or rebates.

Reduce Overtime

Suppliers who invoice T&M contracts based on clock time, will seek overtime for hours above a standard eight-hour workday. Enhance your reporting with a contingent workforce solution that presents clock time versus actual work time.

Address Skill Misalignment

Does your contingent workforce solution help you maintain the rate scale for niche or experienced resources today? With transparenSEE workforce data, identify and address situations where you are paying a premium rate for work that could/should be done by non-niche or less experienced resources.

Strengthen Negotiation Leverage

Meet your suppliers at the table with your own data and insights that reflect the individual, skill, project, and supplier levels. With our robust contingent workforce solution, you can strategically and tactically focus on your highest value outcomes.

Drive High-Impact Business KPIs

Determine the necessary KPIs with your suppliers to verify performance. With the right contingent workforce solution, you can address critical business initiatives like vendor sprawl.

Reduce Business Risks

Many companies today have external regulations and internal policies to protect critical, confidential information. With the right contingent workforce solution, help your leaders implement stronger compliance controls to validate who is accessing certain applications or files.

Optimize Capacity Management

You shouldn’t have to blindly decide when and where to add more resources. With transparenSEE’s utilization data, confidently help your leaders add or reduce resources based on true utilization trends. Align your contingent workforce solution to the needs of the business.

Improve Supplier Selection

Achieve business improvements based on what is tracked and reported. Sapience provides a data source and reporting/BI engine designed for this purpose.

  • Improve supplier accountability
  • Elevate selection decisions and the quality of outcomes achieved
  • Align to those suppliers driving the bottom line
  • Have confidence in your contingent workforce solution

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