Brad Killinger on People Analytics with Pulse Magazine
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Brad Killinger Speaks on People Analytics, Finding Common Ground in Outsourcing and the Privacy Debate

Brad Killenger

Sapience CEO Brad Killinger recently participated in a PULSE magazine interview entitled,

View from the C-Suite: Sapience CEO Brad Killinger, Leveraging People Analytics to Change the Way Companies Do Business, In All Functions.”

In the wide-ranging interview written for members of the IAOP — the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals –Brad talks about Sapience Analytics technology and how it compares to traditional measurements of human capital, how it can help build healthy outsourcing relationships, and comments on the ongoing privacy debate.

Brad has an extensive background with outsourcing. In the article, he elaborates on what he sees are the myriad issues with the traditional “black box” of outsourcing.

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“I’ve seen it hundreds of times where customers send thousands of jobs offshore and within six months were almost distrustful about the work being done. We can fill that gap and make outsourcing relationships much more transparent with fairer economics and lift the trust that had eroded.”

Technology and data privacy concerns seem to go hand-in-hand these days; such is the case with Sapience and the people analytics sector. But these concerns are put to rest once organizations are educated on the type of data (not personal information) the platform gathers.

“At Sapience, we like to say we’re big data, not big brother. Sapience does not capture any personal information or do screen scraping, keystroke logging, or anything that’s intrusive. We don’t know the content of people’s emails. We just log time doing activities. We are respectful and mindful of privacy concerns.”

Brad also covers the history of Sapience’s journey from its beginnings in Pune, India, and how it continues to see rapid growth today. In the nearly two years since Sapience relocated its headquarters to Plano, Texas, it has seen momentous growth in U.S. since Brad assumed the role as CEO.

Read the full interview, which also includes insights into Brad’s role models, his favorite reads, and the foods he just can’t say no to while on the road, at:

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