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Workforce Efficiency: Expectations vs. Reality

Work Efficiency

Like most business leaders, you probably have a firm set of beliefs regarding optimizing workplace efficiency. However, everyone’s opinions on the topic vary. In the post pandemic era, employees have some expectations regarding the workplace environment they will experience.

Unfortunately, there is often a major disparity between individual expectations and reality, which can cause friction in the workplace, hinder productivity, and create a toxic culture that takes years to remedy.

Understanding the Gap Between Expectations and Reality at Work

If you hope to maximize workforce efficiency while also creating an environment that attracts quality talent, you must understand the gap between expectations and reality.

While many factors can create this gap, a lack of communication is often to blame. Today’s employees need clear objectives, regular performance feedback, and organizational transparency. Otherwise, workplace efficiency will suffer.

Close the Gap on Common Expectations About Workforce Efficiency

Expectation #1: There Will Always Be Continuous Performance Feedback

Our society has reinforced the idea of instant gratification. Packages can be delivered overnight. People can connect with friends and family in seconds via social media platforms or text messages. Individuals can even travel across the globe in hours, not days.

These developments in the post pandemic era have led employees to expect continuous performance feedback.


Continuous performance feedback is a great way of helping staff members realize their true potential. However, feedback is often deprioritized in the scheme of a manager’s day. With a work analytics platform like Sapience Vue, both the manager and employees have access to unbiased data. No more guessing. Work data opens the conversation to improve individual performance levels through engagement and transparency for greater efficiency while embracing a healthy work-life balance.

Expectation #2: Work and Personal Life Should Be Strictly Separated

The traditional approach to business involves a very strict separation of work and personal lives. Before the rise of cell phones, social media, and easy access to laptops, employees could unplug from work at the end of the day and have real downtime to reset for the next workday.


Technology and our modern society’s “always connected” reality have blurred the lines between work and play.

While it is important for employees to focus on their work responsibilities while on the clock, enforcing overly strict rules can create unnecessary stress. This enforcement can lead to an imbalance between one’s professional and personal life, which will crater staff morale.

Sapience Vue gives employees the ability to understand their daily activities and contribute to a balanced work and personal life distribution.

Expectation #3: More Hours Worked Equals More Productivity

Another common expectation is that the more hours an employee works, the higher their net productivity. Unfortunately, this belief may lead employers to push staff members a little too hard, especially when an important deadline looms.


While traditionally used in economics, the law of diminishing returns applies to employees as well. Overworked employees will experience a steep decline in productivity. Sapience Vue encourages breaks and screen-free time to reduce job burnout. The software uses data-driven results to optimize workforce efficiency without overworking employees.

Expectation #4: Multitasking Improves Focus and Productivity

Multitasking is an excellent way to be more productive. In theory, you are completing two tasks simultaneously. Are you completing the tasks successfully.


The truth of the matter is that multitasking can decrease productivity. Recent research suggests that multitasking employees will have lower performance, attention span, and comprehension.

Multitasking is not the only productivity killer. Disruptions are another major workplace issue that can make employees far less productive. On average, it takes an employee over 23 minutes to refocus on their original task following a disruption. Workforce analytics can be used to optimize employees’ schedules and maximize productivity.

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Strategies to Manage Workforce Efficiency Expectations

While the gap between expectations and reality can seriously hamper workforce efficiency, some effective strategies can overcome these issues. If you want to nurture a positive workplace culture and improve productivity, we recommend that you:

Create Transparency in Your Business

Everyone loves transparency, especially digital employees. From the moment you begin interviewing prospective employees, make sure to set clear expectations. Explain their role at your company, what type of work they will be doing, and why their services are valuable to the organization.

Implement Effective Reporting Processes

By implementing modernized productivity reporting processes, you can leverage the power of data analytics to improve internal business practices.

Your managerial staff can quickly review data regarding employee productivity and performance at the touch of a button. They can use this information to identify which staff members need additional training, exceed expectations, etc.

Provide Current and Timely Feedback

Lastly, you must provide employees with current and timely feedback regarding their performance. This strategy includes offering guidance to struggling staff members and praising individuals exhibiting a high level of productivity.

Maximize Workforce Efficiency with Sapience Vue

If you want to improve the way you manage expectations in your organization while simultaneously maximizing workforce efficiency, Sapience Analytics can help.

Our leading-edge platform, Sapience Vue, can provide near real-time insights into the productivity of your employees. This platform is a comprehensive work analytics and reporting software that can evolve how you interact with your staff.

Learn more today with a one-on-one discussion tailored to your business needs. Request a demo today.

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