Drive Workforce Efficiency with the Right Insights

In today’s work environment, you must lead with an edge. Sapience Vue adds an edge to any management style with workforce analytics that supports a predictable business model. Enterprise-wide insights and robust workforce reporting drives greater visibility to engagement and overall operational excellence. 

Ensure Employee Well-Being and Engagement

  • Visibility into employee effort and activities with indicators of potential burnout.
  • Enable employees with access to their own data analytics for self-improvement and development.
  • Leverage employee effort data over time to support and objectively conduct performance reviews.
  • Employ utilization reports to balance employee workloads.

We Protect Employee Privacy

  • No keylogging, screen scraping, or image capturing.
  • Only work-related activities are captured, and non-work-related applications and activities are marked as “private”.
  • Workers only see their own data.
  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL) data and application data may be hidden.

How Do I Optimize My Workforce at Every Level?

  • Use utilization analytics to reduce wasted time and unnecessary costs across your enterprise.
  • Minimize bottlenecks by automating processes.
  • Use predictive analysis in capacity planning and risk assessments to forecast needs. 

Manage Performance and Drive Productivity

  • Actionable dashboards to identify impediments to productivity.
  • Empower employees to leverage their own data to improve current productivity levels.
  • Train employees to self-manage their time on core activities to be more effective.

Make Confident Business Decisions

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