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Equip and empower your managers and team members to relieve some of the pressure for your managers and team members with a scalable analytics platform has helped some companies improve productivity more than 20 percent. Engineered using real-world experience coupled with robust report-building capabilities, focus on innovation that improves business performance.

Device Visibility

What software is used across all devices? This visibility provides the amount of effort spent on work completed. With more and more IoT devices in use, it has become critical to continuously:

  • Measure device performance.
  • Improve security across your network.
  • Perform regular system health checks.

Customizable BI Reports

Reconstruct the way you manage in today’s hybrid work age with custom dashboards and reports. Configure your reporting based on how you manage the business, without being a data scientist.

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Integration Framework

Link effort to results by breaking down data silos. Integrate to our library of applications to gather meaningful insights that drive confident decisions for your greatest asset: your people.

Sapience Vue
Reviews and Testimonials

“Sapience gives us the ability to check if we are able to allocate sufficient time for our core activities during our work day. We have implemented Sapience Vue with the utmost regard for privacy and personal data is visible only to individuals.”

Director of Global IT Product Company servicing Fortune Customers

“We are happy to join forces with Sapience. We believe this integration is a perfect fit for every client looking for IT operations improvement and an accurate fact base to support their decisions.”

Head of World’s leading Business Transformation Solutions provider

“Sapience makes for happy people, happy managers and happy customers. And it is rare to see a tool achieve all of these at the same time.”

CEO of Statistical Software and Advanced Analytics, largest provider for clinical trial design and execution

Driving productivity while protecting employee privacy

  • Only work-related activities are captured, and non-work-related applications and activities are marked as “private”.
  • Safeguard employee data using multiple layers of industry standard security practices, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and annual SOC 2 compliance audits.
  • Proactively identify and minimize potential vulnerabilities with your network and security components.
  • Use our data authentication, encryption, storage, and penetration testing protocols.



Contactless IOT Data Collection


Ease Of Deployment & Administration


CXO, Manager & Employee Dashboards


SaaS platform for continuous improvement

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