Security and Privacy

Sapience was designed to create transparency within organizations, while keeping personal, private and corporate data secure. Our software development was guided by security-by-design and privacy-by-design principles, ensuring full privacy compliance and strong data security across our platform.

External Validation
Sapience is working toward System and Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification, which provides third-party validation of our information security and organizational controls. As part of this certification, an independent certified public accountant will confirm that Sapience has the appropriate SOC safeguards and procedures in place to protect customer and employee data.

Regular SOC 2 Type II audits will provide rigorous, independent ongoing assessments of our platform’s security, availability and data confidentiality procedures.

Dedicated Resources
Dedicated Security, Privacy, Legal, and Governance, Risk and Compliance teams supervise Sapience governance programs. We recognize that the regulatory environment is always evolving, and these teams regularly adapt Sapience policies and processes to meet current requirements and respond to new and ongoing risks.

Transformative Vision Employee level

As an employee, you can be assured that Sapience does not capture any of your private information. Private information includes any non-work-related internet activity and any information you enter when working on any application or website. Sapience only reports the amount of time spent on work applications and URLs that you access.

The goal of Sapience is to provide value to each stakeholder in the organization, including the employees. While managers/leaders get insights into how their teams work, every employee gets their dashboard to understand their work patterns and understand how and where they are spending their time when working.

Transformative Vision Organizational level

Sapience is designed to comply with our customers’ Information Security and Privacy requirements and enable compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, including GDPR. Sapience does not capture PII or PCI related data from employees computing devices. The data we capture can be hosted on-premise or on Secure SaaS servers.

Sapience data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest and access can be restricted using industry-standard role-based security rules.

When presenting the data, Sapience aligns with the organization’s hierarchy and policies ensuring leaders/managers only see their team’s data. Organizations can decide to see data at a team level or an employee level but at no point, they will be able to see data marked as “private”. Only data marked as “work” is reported to managers to ensure user privacy is never breached.

Sapience is easy to implement, integrates with your existing software, and works quietly in the background. It collects work-related data while protecting employees’ personally identifiable information (PII) and private confidential information (PCI). Learn more about how Sapience works.

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