Our next-gen Enterprise Work Activity Analytics, Insights & Productivity SaaS Product

Privacy is our core value

A contactless and automated solution that accurately captures effort data-keeping employee privacy at its core.

Explore Sapience Vue

Explore Sapience Vue


Contactless data capture using Vue LENS ...

Contactless data capture using Vue LENS

  • Workforce activity 
  • Productivity measurement
  • Offline, idle time measurement

KPIs, reporting, analytics and dashboard ...

KPIs, reporting, analytics and dashboard

  • Tying result to efforts
  • Workload balancing
  • Worker compliance
  • Self & team habits, revitalization
  • Self & team daily activity KPIs
  • Self & team trends, utilization
  • Administration Reports 
  • Communication and meeting effectiveness 
  • Vendor Utilization 
  • Software Utilization
  • End User Experience
  • Predictive analytics

Top notch Customer Experience (CX) ...

Top notch Customer Experience (CX)

Sapience customer experience (CX) building blocks are:

  • Build Trust and Confidence
  • Engage and Partner
  • Learn and Evolve

Our Customer Experience Portal and Customer Innovation Lab is testimony of our commitment towards customer centricity.


Omni-channel Vue Admin and Governance ...

Omni-channel Vue Administration and Governance

Our Admin provides omni-channel experience for all Vue settings:

  • Dashboard, with tiles
  • User provisioning / deprovisioning
  • LENSES Remote Monitoring and Management
  • License Management
  • Administrations Reports
  • User – Definition, Departments, Teams
  • Mapping – Apps/URLs, Activities, Job Families

Sapience Vue Features

Sapience Vue Features


Vue provides a deep set of customizable ...

Vue provides a deep set of customizable reports that measure activity details such as core time, focus time, meeting time, and more. CXO’s and Managers get cross-functional views of effort to determine true utilization and employees get insights into their work habits.


Vue uses military-grade encryption on the data it ...

Vue uses military-grade encryption on the data it collects, and clients control their own data. Sapience also works in compliance with your company’s security and authentication system.


Vue connects with desktops and laptops ...

Vue connects with desktops and laptops seamlessly. It works in the background, automatically capturing work patterns and productivity metrics from a variety of productivity applications, Office suite, and more. Because data collection is automated, you can get insights in near-time.


We take employee privacy seriously. Vue only ...

We take employee privacy seriously. Vue only captures work-related data, and never logs keystrokes, scrapes screens, or reads the content. We are compliant with GDPR and SOC2-certified. Neither do we capture employees’ personally identifiable information (PII) and private confidential information (PCI).

With Sapience Vue you get


Actionable Insights

Manage team productivity, close skill gaps and unlock potential using contactless aggregated work data.



Guide your outsourcing team with self-reporting with automated work activity analytics.

360-degree visibility

360-degree view

Operate with increased visibility from every angle into people, processes, and technology resources.


End-user experience

Collect endpoint data such as CPU usage, disk space, bandwidth, etc.


Faster Time to Value

Achieve faster Time to Value (TTV) for your organization.


Predictive Analytics

Make better business decisions with built-in machine learning for predictable operational outcomes.

Sapience Vue Benefits


Clear visibility into employee, team, or contingent workers’ productivity, engagement.

Better Business Decisions

Use machine learning to solve problems and predict future operational outcomes.

Unified &

Contactless aggregation of effort data with reporting, analytics, insights, and predictions.

Time to Value

DevOps, automated testing, and deployment make rollouts steady, faster, and agile.

Best-In Class Technology

Leveraging Azure features with top security, privacy, and managed integrations.


Comprehensive platform support across Windows, Mac, Linux, & VDI for the line of business.


Build ground up for appreciating technology with high ROI, ensuring the low total cost of ownership.


Modern IoT-enabled product ready to deploy in large distributed firms with scalability.

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Trusted by many


Sapience gives us the ability to check if we are able to allocate sufficient time for our core activities during our work day. We have implemented Sapience Vue with the utmost regard for privacy and personal data is visible only to individuals.

Director of Global IT Product Company servicing Fortune Customers

We are happy to join forces with Sapience. We believe this integration is a perfect fit for every client looking for IT operations improvement and an accurate fact base to support their decisions.

Head of World’s leading Business Transformation Solutions provider

Sapience makes for happy people, happy managers and happy customers. And it is rare to see a tool achieve all of these at the same time.

CEO of Statistical Software and Advanced Analytics, largest provider for clinical trial design and execution

Security and Privacy

Employee privacy is a core value at Sapience. We collect data from digital signatures by keeping employee privacy at the forefront. At Sapience, we are working towards System and Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification to have the right SOC safeguards.

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