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Brightfield Partners with Sapience Analytics to Advance Contingent Workforce Management

WASHINGTON, DC and PLANO, Texas – April 19, 2002 – Brightfield, the world’s most trusted Extended Workforce guided buying platform, and  Sapience Analytics, a global leader in workforce analytics, insights and decision support announced their strategic partnership today. Together, the companies will modernize contingent workforce effectiveness, productivity, and spend management using innovative and robust analytics and insights.

Through this partnership, customers of both organizations will benefit from Brightfield’s sophisticated pricing data based on millions of contingent workforce transactions and Sapience’s SaaS platform with over one trillion hours of work effort data collected to gain visibility into true contingent worker productivity. The objective is to help customers:

  • Enter supplier negotiations with accurate pricing and utilization data
  • Provide visibility into supplier performance to reduce overspending
  • Optimize their supplier network to drive efficiencies throughout their extended worforce

By combining Brightfield’s TDX pricing and supplier insights with Sapience Vue’s utilization insights, businesses gain a significant competitive advantage in the contract labor space, with a more holistic and accurate view into the economics and productivity of their contingent workforce. The capabilities are powerful synergistic additions to the procure-to-pay ecosystem.  Each solution provides a significant ROI offering quickly executable, material savings to the bottom line or the ability to redirect savings for investment in other business priorities.

“While the Extended Workforce now represents almost 50 percent of the total workforce, most enterprises still lack the visibility to manage the costs and productivity of this vital human asset,” said Jesse Levin, CEO of Brightfield. “Through Brightfield’s partnership with Sapience, customers gain the unique ability to combine real-time labor cost intelligence with analytics on workforce productivity. The combination creates a new-to-world opportunity for enterprise executives to measure and manage the productivity of their total workforce, across employee, contingent and managed services teams.”

“Gaining complete transparency through the use of advanced data and insights is a key element to executing a successful next-generation sourcing strategy,” said Bradley Killinger, CEO of Sapience Analytics. “Because of the existing client successes we have already created together with Brightfield, we knew that formalizing the partnership was the logical next step. We are excited to bridge a gap between companies and their supplier communities with deeper analytics, insights and decision support to strengthen relations and business outcomes for our customers.”

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About Brightfield

Brightfield’s TDX platform automates the design of modern work: the right team from the right source at the right price. Powered by the world’s largest proprietary employer data network, over 400 billion dollars of real-time transaction data and cutting-edge data science and AI technology, TDX ingests your data about work, suppliers, contracts, and people, and analyzes and translates it into prescriptive recommendations for optimal contract labor decisions in every area of your business. To learn more, visit

About Sapience Analytics

Vue how your business really works. Partnering with companies around the world, Sapience Analytics delivers data and insights to amplify workplace productivity across people, processes, and technology. Founded in 2009, Sapience focuses on work effort data trends using Vue analytics, our flagship analytics, insights and decision support platform. With trillions of hours of work data collected and analyzed, Vue enables executives and managers to stop guessing and start knowing what’s really happening across their enterprise in today’s modern work environment. Visit for more information.

Sapience Analytics Partners with HCL Technologies to Bring Enhanced Digital Workplace Solutions to Market on a Global Scale

The two technology leaders defining the future of work will collaborate
in a multi-year technology development and global distribution partnership

PLANO, Texas – Jan. 13, 2022 – Sapience Analytics, a market leader in knowledge workforce management, today announced a partnership with HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, to develop and distribute technologies to support employee productivity improvement. Under the terms of the partnership, HCL will enhance and resell Sapience’s knowledge workforce management solution, which has been used by more than 90 companies across the globe.

HCL and Sapience development teams will collaborate to meet the changing needs of global enterprises by further enhancing Sapience’s market-leading solution. The technology aggregates thousands of data points from every corner of the enterprise, every 15 seconds, to provide an unprecedented level of operational visibility around resource investments in people, processes and technology, for a fully automated and real-time multifaceted view of Enterprise Effort and areas for improvement. HCL plans to develop additional features and functionality on Sapience’s existing platform in the form of derivative products to address new and emerging workplace needs. HCL will also integrate the technology with additional products from HCL’s portfolio to extend its product roadmap and customer value, including Work from Anywhere solutions.

The enhanced technology will be offered as part of HCL Technologies’ Digital Workplace Services practice, which has empowered high-performing workplaces across 130 global businesses, via improved productivity and collaboration through automation, artificial intelligence, and actionable insights to revolutionize the workplace.

The new partnership builds on an existing customer-vendor relationship Sapience and HCL have had for the past few years. “As a result of HCL’s Sapience deployment within our organization and its integration with our processes, we have seen higher employee productivity, better employee work-life balance and quantifiable incremental value for our customers,” said Vijay Anand Guntur, Corporate Vice President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies. “In the new normal and beyond, as organization functions evolve and adapt, HCL is excited to partner with Sapience to help organizations assess their employees’ productivity, engagement, performance and enable functional leaders to make data-driven decisions to transparently improve the productivity profile of the organization.”

“With new ways of working constantly evolving, the need for advanced work analytics to better understand employee engagement, device effectiveness, productivity, and organizational capacity is critical for companies to prosper in this New World,” said Brad Killinger, Sapience CEO. “We are excited to partner with HCL to help organizations worldwide leverage cutting-edge technology to support a successful workplace that is the key to growth.”

About Sapience Analytics

Sapience Analytics, founded in 2009, delivers your work data your way to amplify workplace productivity across people, processes, and technology. For permanent and contingent employees, our platform is designed to leverage work data trends to optimize the workforce. Having analyzed over one trillion work hours across many different industries, our flagship product, Sapience Vue, connects seamlessly with endpoint devices and various applications providing visibility into work patterns, employee engagement, productivity, asset management, workforce capacity, and team utilization for greater control and confidence in managing in a remote or hybrid workforce. Visit for more information.

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Sapience Analytics Names Sue Watts as the First President of Operations

PLANO, TX, Dec. 14, 2021Sapience Analytics, leading SaaS-based work analytics company is pleased to welcome Sue Watts as President of Operations. Watts is a recognized Technology Industry leader with an outstanding track record of building high-performance global teams across all areas of business, including sales, consulting, business transformation, finance and accounting, delivery operations, and human resources.

In her new role with Sapience, Watts will oversee critical business operations to include sales, partners, marketing and customer success. Prior to joining Sapience, Watts was an Executive Vice President at Capgemini where the firm leveraged her depth of experience most recently to lead large scale business transformation, complex client accounts, and people safety and business continuity matters associated with the US/Canada COVID pandemic.

“We are thrilled to have Sue join our team. Her vast business experience and strategic planning expertise will help us achieve our growth agenda while also continuing to create value for our customers,” said Killinger.

Watts career has included other key roles at Capgemini as CEO, Americas Outsourcing and Corporate Vice President, Application Services. She was also COO at Xerox and held several leadership positions with Unisys Corporation. In addition, Watts is also an independent board member with HCI Group.  

Watts said, “As a member of their Advisory Board for the past few years, I have witnessed the progress of Sapience Analytics. Firsthand, I know that this company sits in a prominent market position during a unique time. I am excited to join Brad and others as part of the leadership

team that will help expand the company’s capabilities to bring work analytics to the forefront of the modern business.”

Watts holds an MBA with a concentration in Finance from the University of Notre Dame, and BS degree in Business from the Indiana University where she was also a member of the women’s basketball team. She currently resides in Florida.

About Sapience Analytics (

Sapience Analytics, founded in 2009, delivers your work data your way to amplify workplace productivity across people, processes, and technology. For permanent and contingent employees, our platform is designed to leverage work data trends to optimize the workforce. Having analyzed over one trillion work hours across many different industries, our flagship product, Sapience Vue, connects seamlessly with endpoint devices and various applications providing visibility into work patterns, employee engagement, productivity, asset management, workforce capacity, and team utilization for greater control and confidence in managing in a remote or hybrid workforce.

Q&A on Future of Work with Kate Lister, Global Workforce Analytics

An Interview with Kate Lister, One of the Leading Global Authorities on The Future of Work

Brad Killinger, CEO, Sapience Analytics recently sat down with Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, a research and consulting firm that helps employers understand and prepare for the future of work. 

Kate Lister is one of the leading global authorities on the future of work and is among the world’s most widely quoted authorities on remote work/telework/telecommuting. She has been helping public and private sector employers implement telecommuting and flexible work strategies for more than a decade – as has Sapience. 

In our interview below, Brad gets Kate’s perspective on how companies are dealing with disruption in the workplace and how this is powering the new way of working. 

BK: How did the COVID pandemic accelerate certain trends in the workplace that we were seeing previously?

KL: In the past, many organizations were interested in launching flexible workplace programs, but oftentimes their focus was on other competing priorities. For those that did roll out these programs, this was generally done over 6 months to 1 year. During the pandemic, we saw these programs being launched practically overnight. As a result, many organizations likely won’t see optimal outcomes. 

There were pre-pandemic efforts to measure the use of space and the effectiveness of that space, but it was kind of like the cart driving the horse. Employee populations were given a building and then left to their own devices as to how they were going to use it. 

The pandemic has put the people element front and center. There’s a big push to humanize the “new normal” workplace and human analytics in the workforce are becoming so much more important and bigger than “something that HR does.”

BK: How has the workplace analytics space and the use cases changed over the past year?

KL: Workplace analytics must focus on what people do and how they feel about what they do, and how the environment they are working in can help or impede their performance. There’s always been a three-legged stool organizational performance factors: HR, IT, and Real Estate – people, process, and place. In the past, IT has been the last or least consideration. This has changed – technology is now the foremost consideration in the remote workplace.  

Many employers are still reliant on pulse surveys or semi-annual surveys to measure and monitor employee experience, but what really matters is not what happened 6 months ago, last month or even last week – what matters is today. Understanding the employee experience is critical as we are now living in a wildly mobile talent scenario where employees don’t have to make a physical move to transition into another job opportunity. Companies can ill afford to wait six months to learn there are major workforce issues.

Employers have a duty to safeguard their employees’ mental health and physical health as we are in a worrisome state of overwork. This is not normal remote work. We don’t see our friends, we worry about our health, and we have children homeschooling. This absolutely affects performance and we need a better way to measure the impact or predict it and recognize the symptoms of burnout. 

As well we need to monitor and optimize employee experience so employers can intentionally connect work to a bigger sense of purpose and company values and the decisions made as an organization. 

BK: What new strategies do organizations need to employ to be successful in this new way of working? 

KL: We need new strategies to measure productivity and understand all the crud that gets in the way of employees doing their best work – from the 15-minute wait to get on an elevator to distractions, multi-tasking, poor sound masking, and overwork. 

The biggest issue is systems don’t talk to one another – APIs and open source strategies are helping somewhat with this but not enough. We need space metrics to talk to HR metrics to talk to financial metrics to provide a holistic view of the employee experience and understand what works. 

We need to go beyond quantitative to qualitative metrics – so someone may answer more calls during the day, but their quality of handling those calls may be lacking. So too, a developer may be a faster coder but may have a higher error rate. We are getting to a place with greater sophistication in this area – which can be enabled by analyzing the “digital exhaust” of an organization – the 10,000-foot view of how work is done over the various systems of work – i.e. email, meetings, IT tickets in ServiceNow, or sales demos in Salesforce, for example. 

BK: What do you envision moving forward as businesses begin to have staff return to the office?  Post COVID-19, what will the office look like for workers?

KL: I think we’ll see about 10 percent of businesses going back to the office in July and or September, and maybe 50 to 60 percent by year-end, but we need to get through the Fall flu season. Depending on how that goes, we could have revised expectations. We were the first analyst firm out with a study of employee’s wishes when it comes to remote work following the onset of the COVID pandemic. At that time, 5 to 15 percent wanted to go back to working in the office and 15-25 percent wanted to work remotely full time. I think we’ll likely see a hybrid work model where managers and employees will work in the office 3 to 4 days a week. 

As we move forward in this new world, flexibility will be the hallmark as will management in a digital-first approach. The caveat here is that we’ll need to measure people’s performance by their results, not their keystrokes – so putting in place a data-driven performance management mindset that puts an emphasis on sensibility and employee privacy first and foremost.

The Corporate Fitness Tracker | Bradley Killinger from Sapience

A company may be well organized, productive, and efficient—and yet, just how it delivers results may remain mysterious, even to those closely involved. How do the kinks get resolved? Where does the information flow? When are employers at their best, and when are they falling short—and why are they falling short?

These are the questions Bradley Killinger wished to answer with his startup, Sapience. He calls it “the Fitbit for the knowledge worker.” With an emphasis on ethics and privacy, Sapience monitors thousands of data points on employee workstations and uses AI and machine learning to generate transparent reports, giving management deep insights into where improvements are needed.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Bradley talks about his inspiration for Sapience and how he’s developed the product in a way that benefits the entire organization.

More information:

Bradley is responsible for the execution of global strategy. He has a passion for helping customers succeed and is driving our aggressive global expansion efforts. Prior to joining Sapience, he served in several key global leadership roles at major technology companies such as IBM, Oracle and Unisys.

Sapience Analytics is a software technology company offering solutions that empower enterprises to make faster and better workplace and resource utilization decisions. Sapiencesolutions, in use by Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, provide an unprecedented level of operational visibility around enterprise resource investments in people, processes, and technology.

Today, Sapience is used by more than 90 companies in 18 countries worldwide, with over 1 trillion work hours analyzed to date. Sapience is fundamentally changing the way companies operate, enabling businesses to build a better version of their organization every day for ultimate agility and competitive advantage.

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Sapience Analytics CEO Bradley Killinger Named Semi-Finalist in Tech Titan Awards, Honoring Technology Innovation in North Texas

Killinger named semi-finalist in the “Emerging Company CEO” category

PLANO, Texas – Sept. 24, 2020 – Sapience Analytics, the market leader in enterprise workforce analytics, today announced that Chief Executive Officer Bradley Killinger has been named a Tech Titans Awards semi-finalist in the “Emerging Company CEO” category.

The Tech Titans Awards recognize the elite in North Texas technology – individuals currently transforming the high-tech industry and giving companies that competitive edge, as well as companies leading the way. The “Emerging Company CEO” award recognizes the CEO of a technology company headquartered in North Texas with 2019 operating revenues of at least $2 million but no more than $200 million.

Winners will be announced on Oct. 23 during a virtual awards gala.

Killinger has been CEO of Plano, Texas-based Sapience Analytics since 2018, propelling the company’s significant growth over the past two years. Sapience Analytics is a leader in Knowledge Workforce Activity Monitoring and Analytics, with its technology in use by more than 200,000 users worldwide.

“I am extremely honored to be a part of an esteemed group of CEOs from North Texas who are leading next-generation business technology advancements,” said Killinger. “We are very proud to help organizations all around the world work better and smarter by provide insights to drive employee productivity and increase operational efficiency through data-driven digital transformation.”

Earlier this year, the company launched Sapience Vue, which provides unprecedented visibility via fully automated and real-time reporting into work patterns, employee engagement, productivity, asset management, workforce capacity, and team utilization for greater control and confidence in managing the in-office and remote workforce. Sapience Vue has been shown to be so vital to help organizations navigate the new world of work, it was named a winner of TMC’s Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards in 2020.

About Sapience Analytics

Business needs are changing daily and organizations must rise to the challenge with the right resources in real-time. Sapience provides an unprecedented level of operational visibility around enterprise resource investments in people, processes, and technology. Providing a fully automated and real-time multifaceted view of Enterprise Effort, Sapience supports data-driven digital transformation – enabling businesses to build a better version of their organization every day for ultimate agility and competitive

advantage. Sapience is used by more than 90 companies in 18 countries worldwide, with over 1 trillion work hours analyzed to date. Visit us at

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Sapience empowers employees and teams to work smarter, not harder.

PLANO, TEXAS, February 20, 2020 – Sapience understands the concerns and misperceptions that exist. However, the Sapience platform is built to promote individual and organizational self-improvement while protecting the privacy of any user of the platform. Sapience has deployments in 16 countries that are realizing significant improvements in employee wellbeing, individual and team productivity, and more accurate workload balancing and capacity management. Sapience also enables employers to implement work from home initiatives and flexible workday arrangements. 

The end user’s privacy is, by design, paramount to Sapience. Employees understand this with communications explaining that the use and purpose of Sapience is to provide individuals with a ‘mirror’ into their work habits allowing users to better manage their workday, avoid work related stress, and promote a work-life balance.  

Sapience supports these initiatives by providing end users and organizations with metrics to improve work-life balance for employees while increasing efficiency of time spent at work.

The Sapience desktop application includes pop-ups such as “Time to take a break” and “You’ve had a long day” as part of the application’s aim to reduce organizational stress and to keep teams energized.

To learn more, visit

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Sapience Analytics Expands Presence in Dallas-Fort Worth Area with Occupation of New 10,000-Square-Foot Office Space in Plano

CEO Brad Killinger celebrates 2-year anniversary at the helm of the fast-growing company 

PLANO, Texas – Aug. 20, 2019 – Sapience Analytics, the market leader in the rapidly growing People Analytics segment, today announced the company is expanding its Dallas-Fort Worth footprint, relocated its headquarters to larger office space to make room for its growing operations. The new office space at 7800 North Dallas Parkway boasts over 10,000 square feet to support Sapience’s hiring plans to grow its Plano-based workforce by 50 percent over the next 12 months.  

The new office is located approximately 25 miles (40 km) from both Dallas Love Field and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, in the area’s most prestigious business corridor. The site is the home office for Sapience Analytics’ personnel in customer support, client success, product engineering, and architecture, as well as the company’s North America executive management team. Driving the company’s significant growth is Sapience Analytics CEO Brad Killinger, who recently celebrated his second year in the CEO slot.  

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have Sapience headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where our growth and success has been fostered by a combination of the region’s exceptional tax and economic advantages, the vibrant business community, and access to a robust talent pool, “ said Brad Killinger, chief executive officer for Sapience Analytics. 

Sapience Analytics had the vision to build a people analytics platform in 2009; today, the company is a leading vendor in this space and has garnered various industry awards for its growth and innovative technology, including Gartner Cool Vendor, Deloitte Fast 500, Dunn & Bradstreet, and Frost & Sullivan innovation awards. 

The company’s technology is used by more than 200,000 users in over 90 enterprises across 18 countries to improve employee engagement, organizational productivity, and business profitability. Sapience Analytics has over 500 million hours of work data that is mined to understand work patterns and productivity.  

Sapience Analytics solves a unique challenge that every organization faces – to understand how work happens in their organization and if their workforce is efficiently utilized. Companies track output/productivity data through various apps but for the effort, they have had to rely on manual timesheet data entry. Sapience Analytics has automated the ability to capture effort data, providing a 360-degree view on how work happens and engagement levels of teams and employees. 

Nitin Maini Joins Sapience as Senior Vice President, Engineering

Sapience Analytics is proud to welcome Nitin Maini as senior vice president of engineering, responsible for leading Sapience’s next-generation product development and delivery. In his role, Nitin will report directly to Wesley Brayan, chief operations officer, and dotted line to Rohit Singla, president India and APAC. He will be located in the Pune, India office.

Nitin’s contributions to Sapience will support the company’s ongoing growth by supporting the delivery of category-defining products, including best-in-class mobile solutions, for real-time insights and analytics that help companies deploy data-driven software metering, cognitive outsourcing, and workforce productivity solutions.

Nitin holds multiple patents and has published technical articles focusing on development and operations as well as enterprise digital transformation. He has extensive experience in building and managing global engineering organizations across multiple geographies. Nitin excels in building highly scalable breakthrough applications.

He has more than 16 years of experience in senior technology roles and joins us from Vuclip, one of the leaders in the Internet-based streaming media space in the Southeast Asia and the Middle East and Africa regions. Nitin also has worked for HSBC Software, Symantec, Reconnex (Acquired by McAfee) and BMC Software.

We are proud to welcome Nitin to Sapience Analytics. Thank you, Nitin, for lending your time and talents to our continued drive for excellence as we innovate and empower organizations with the data to orchestrate better business outcomes.

Sapience Named a Cool Vendor in Content and Social Analytics by Gartner for 2015

May 4, 2015: Sapience Analytics, the leading workforce analytics company, is excited to announce that it has been recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in Content & Social Analytics for 2015 1.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Gartner”, says Shirish Deodhar, Sapience’s CEO. “The Cool Vendor reports are very well researched publications. We consider our inclusion to be a testament of our exceptional patent pending software technology that provides end to end capability to source, mine, and generate accurate work effort analytics that can result in a highly engaged and productive workforce.”

Each year, Gartner identifies Cool Vendors in key technology areas and publishes a series of research reports. The vendors in this report offer unique approaches to preparing data as well as allowing a wide range of business users to find and share hidden insights. Analytics leaders can derive significant value from insights gleaned across multi structured data.

Sapience is helping organizations in increasing their overall effectiveness through automated sourcing and powerful analytics regarding Workforce Utilization. With the help of in-depth actionable insights, organizations are able to align their resources to strategy, achieve equitable work distribution and get everyone on the path to a better work-life harmony. I am pleased that our innovative solution is also recognized by Gartner”, said Khiv Singh, AVP – Sales (Americas) & Marketing, Sapience Analytics.

As a patent-pending product, backed with insights obtained from analysis of more than 200 million work hours across diverse companies, Sapience offers benefits across the organization. CXOs can build an efficient enterprise by aligning capacity to business strategy. Managers can ensure equitable work distribution and guide teams towards achieving their full potential. Through its innovative concept of Sapience Work YogaTM, individual employees can adopt improved work habits that set them on the path to better Work–Life harmony. Sapience serves a broad range of verticals that include companies from IT Services, Global ISVs, BPOs/KPOs, Engineering Design, Financial Services, and Outsourcing governance.

About Sapience Analytics (

Sapience Analytics, founded in 2009, has developed a patent‐pending software product that helps build a Mindful EnterpriseTM, and thereby ensures that employees and teams can achieve significant productivity improvement coupled with greater work-life harmony. Besides enterprises, Sapience Buddy and Sapience Mobile are available to individuals looking to achieve more at work with reduced stress by adopting mindful work techniques. Sapience is the recipient of several industry awards for its innovation and fast growth, including TiE50 (at TiEcon, Silicon Valley, California – 2014), Frost & Sullivan (Outstanding Innovation in Functional Analytics – 2014), Dun & Bradstreet (Best Emerging India SME – 2013), NASSCOM (India’s Top 10 – 2013), IDG Channel World (50 Hot Global Companies – 2013), iSPIRT (Most Popular Product Company – 2015 and 2014), Red Herring (Asia Top 100 technology start-up – 2011), and Economic Times (Top 14 Companies to look out for in 2014).

Sapience is being used by 100,000+ users across 10+ countries and 65+ clients and has analyzed over 200 Million work hours. The customer base includes 4 Fortune Global 200 enterprises, 5 of the world’s Top 50 IT Services firms, 4 Top global BPOs, and several billion dollar ISVs, technology and finance companies.

1 Gartner, Cool Vendors in Content and Social Analytics, 2015, Published: 28 April 2015

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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