Outsourcing Governance

Outsourcing Governance

Improve Performance of Outsourced Providers

Create value-driven SLAs with an automated outsourcing governance solution.

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Outsourcing governance software

Get a clear view into what your outsourced providers are doing.

  • Create an agile, automated governance process of your vendors
  • Eliminate timesheets and manual reporting
  • Drive stronger results via value-driven service level agreements (SLAs)

Provide company leaders with accurate, actionable information that will improve your outsourced providers’ performance and drive stronger results.

Real results from enterprise clients

Most clients reduce outsourcing costs by at least 20% within a quarter. Other wins include:

  • Global financial company saves $10M within six months of Sapience deployment
  • Global IT outsourcing firm sees 30% productivity improvement within nine months
  • Global KPO increased work output by 40% within six months of Sapience roll-out

Vendor management

Are your vendors and contingent workforce living up to their expectations?

Capture performance data, in real time, on how well (or not well) your outsourced providers are delivering. Set clear and meaningful goals with your vendors.

Maximize outsourcing value while minimizing costs: Provide real-time visibility into daily work, bringing unprecedented transparency and accountability to outsourcing arrangements.

Transform your enterprise

“When we know better, we do better.”

To transform your business for success tomorrow, you must first understand how it’s truly doing today.

Know how your vendors and contingent workforce are performing using real data captured by their actual activities rather than data manually entered by humans.

Get the insights you need to set company-wide goals, optimize processes, and achieve company-wide transformation across the entire organization.

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The key to transformational change

“We believe this integration is a perfect fit for every client looking for operations improvement and an accurate fact base to support their decisions.”

– A leading business transformation solutions provider.

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