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Sapience Analytics provides a factual data-driven view of effort and performance of employees without invading their privacy – it’s an enlightened approach to emote work management. Sapience Analytics’ workforce productivity and analytics solutions, in use by Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, provides hundreds of millions of data points revealing work time trends to help employers and employees work better and work smarter.

Sapience Vue Platform

Data Platform for Insights into Enterprises Resources

An enterprises true data platform to unify Data Strategy & Data Management and provide Data Platform as Service (dPaaS) – WHAT, WHEN, HOW & WHEN

Sapiene Vue Solution

Knowledge Workforce Activity Monitoring & Analytics

A contactless and automated solution that accurately captures effort data keeping employee privacy at it core: 1. Actionable Insights into work patterns 2. Visibility at every level 3. Predictive Analytics 4. Device & Network Statistics

Digital Nomadism

Stay productive. Stay engaged. Stay upbeat.

Balance work-from-home with live-at-home

We’re as good as they say we are