Sapience ES Solution

Sales Productivity

You can confidently predict quarterly outcome. Sapience for Sales Teams helps users achieve an increase in productivity, while providing important, actionable data to sales leaders to empower them to better guide their sales teams.

“The number one complaint from sales leaders across the globe is having inadequate or inaccurate data in their
customer relationship management software. We believe, organizations can achieve an equilibrium between technology and the way sales operates – digital sales enablement, which would mean having a competitive edge in the
new way of remote working.”

– Nitin Gaikwad, SVP Technology

Make More Rainmakers​

Automate Data Capture and Reporting​ 

Sapience sources effort data for each opportunity or account and uploads the data to your CRM. Identify each sales rep’s exact effort and activity. Identify each sales rep’s exact effort and activity. After identifying bottlenecks, you can take advantage of the opportunity to improve processes and help each rep realize their full potential.​

Better Sales Forecasting

Accurate data and effort analytics significantly improve forecasting. Effort analytics helps leaders understand the sales staff’s work patterns and outcomes. The results should lead your staff to more accurate predictions of sales closures. Better yet, aligning work inputs with the various sales stages will drive conversions and increase success as your subjective feelings become objective data.​​​​

Better Alignment of Effort

With visibility of effort against each stage of the sales pipeline, you can better guide the team to ensure that
enough time is spent on prospecting the right opportunities.
By gauging the actual effort at each stage of the pipeline,
you will learn if sales reps are spending enough time
on attractive prospects.​

Better Reviews

Move beyond gut feelings. Sales and rep performance
will improve by leveraging automated data from Sapience so you can run better reviews.​

How Sapience Can Help​

• Automate data capture for reporting that you need​
• Better Sales Forecasting​
• Free up sales rep bandwidth so they can focus on sales
• Get automated detailed reports​


• Increase sales team productivity​
• Reduce admin tasks of sales teams​
• Run efficient sales review process
​• Align effort for ensuring quarter on quarter growth​​
​• Automated reporting for accurate and confident sales forecasting​​


• CRM tools- Salesforce​
• Expense tracking and reports​
• VoIP phones​​​
• Mobile Phones​​

A Proven Record of Success

Major regional bank saves $12M in costs with

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Global KPO increased work output by 40% within 6 months of Sapience roll-out

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Global financial company saves $10M within 6 months of Sapience deployment

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Global IT enterprise increased time on core activities by 30% with Sapience

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