Sapience Vue

IT Outsourcing Governance

Optimize Contingent Labor headcount and spend, in the new normal of distributed and displaced contingent workforce by getting a clear window into the daily work activities of vendor located globally.​

“Clients often question the accuracy of the information they receive from vendors. Sapience for vendor solution provides real-time visibility into daily work, bringing unprecedented transparency and accountability to outsourcing arrangements — and enabling smart enterprises to maximize potential.”

– Marty Mooney, CFO, Sapience Analytics

Every day, CIO, CPO, Vendor Managers struggle to​

With authenticity of manual reports collated from disparate tools, decreasing transparency and trust
in the engagement​

Drive greater integration between IT and
business strategy to
improve responsiveness
from IT vendors​

Empower IT strategist with data-driven SLAs and metrics to auto-manage engagement and establishing global standards​

Drive agile governance, information risk and compliance for
the IT Vendor
Management Office​

Increase Value from IT Outsourcing Engagements

Automate Data Capture And Reporting​

Sapience’s non-intrusive solutions automatically captures data from wherever vendors do work. Sapience easily integrates with time and attendance systems, project management tools, CRMs and other enterprise tools. Just as importantly, it eliminates the need for manual error-prone administrative reporting and timesheets.

See and Understand Work Patterns by Teams

Sapience makes it simple to see how vendor resources use their time and how globally distributed teams are progressing toward goals. Objective reports based on real-time insights and alerts are now all available at all times — you will know where things are
with just a glance.

Drive Vendor Performance

Continuous review and feedback are at the heart of driving performance. Sapience data enables engaging conversations with vendors about their performance and goals for improvement. Collaborating on goals and improving performance backed
by data has never been this easy.​

Create an Agile Governance Process​

Sapience’s digital solutions propel your outsourcing governance into the future of work. Automating timesheets, data collection and administrative reporting frees up valuable time and
allows your governance teams to focus on meeting goals and improving engagement instead.

Sapience Vue IT Contingent Worker Productivity & Analytics Visibility for All​

The Sapience outsourcing governance solution provides the data and visibility you need to establish a culture of collaboration, co-ownership and value creation. You can now create new SLAs, metrics and programs to align the efforts of your outsourcing vendors with results that matter to your business.

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Global KPO increased work output by 40% within 6 months of Sapience roll-out

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