Stop monitoring. Start mentoring.

Sapience makes it easier to manage teams. Track daily work and progress toward goals automatically, so you can spend less time micro managing, and more time helping your team members excel.

Company leaders rely on you to help employees perform at their best, ensure projects are completed in a timely manner, and raise quality, efficiency, and revenue. Employees count on you to lead their team, and mentor them to achieve success. Sapience makes it easier to manage projects and teams by automating data collection and improving employee engagement—so you can spend less time monitoring work and more time working with your team.


Automate reporting and data capture

Spend less time entering data, and more time producing results. Sapience eliminates the need for manual reports and timesheets, streamlining project management and freeing up time for more productive tasks.

See and understand work patterns

It has never been simpler to see how employees use their time, and how teams are progressing toward goals. Productivity management tools, meaningful reports, insights and alerts are now available at all times—you will know where things are with just a glance.

Make decisions based on data

Evaluate individual and team progress. Set clear, meaningful and measurable productivity improvement goals. Deliver data-based performance reviews. Sapience gives you the data you need to make smarter management decisions.

Simplify project management

Set benchmarks and measure progress toward incremental goals, and track time spent on each project, and in each relevant program. Sapience helps you keep projects on track, automatically.

Empower employees to self-manage

Employee engagement programs work best when they’re implemented on an ongoing basis, rather than once or twice a year. With Sapience, employees receive engagement scores and data automatically, helping them better understand how they spend their time. They can conduct self-assessments, set goals, and use Sapience data to improve their performance.

Spend more time mentoring

With Sapience as a employee productivity tool, you can spend less time conducting manual tasks and micro-managing, and more time
helping your team perform at its peak potential.

Reduce software costs

Our IT asset management solution can lower costs across the company with accurate software audit tools.

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