Work smarter, not harder.

Reduce distractions, improve efficiency and be more productive at work. Sapience makes it easy to manage and track your time, goals, and progress.

Stress, anxiety and distractions can prevent you from enjoying your work and performing at your best. Sapience’s software usage management tools make it easier to manage your time, understand how you’re spending each day, and become more efficient in your work. With Sapience Buddy, you can track your time in various programs and projects, set goals for improvement, and measure progress. You’ll also get daily reminders, alerts and goal tracking information to help you accomplish your work goals. As you become more proficient in your daily work, you’ll enjoy less stress on the job and at home—and feel much better about your work / life balance.


Understand how you’re spending your time

See how much time you spend in various applications and tasks each day.

Set goals for improvement

Use the data on your time to improve your performance and results.

Measure progress

Automated reports show you how you’re progressing toward goals.

Celebrate victories

Get rewarded for your successes with incentives.

Automate timesheets and reporting

Save time you would have spent performing manual tasks like data entry.
With Sapience, data is collected automatically.

Work from home

Sapience empowers employees to work from home, without onsite management. Automatic reporting keeps employers informed of project progress on an ongoing basis.

Keep your personal data private

Sapience software audit tools only track work-related data, and never perform screen scrapes or keystroke captures.

Improve work / life balance

When you’re more efficient at work, you can get things done faster—meaning you have more time to spend doing the things you like.

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