Software Utilization Audit

Never over-purchase for software licenses again.

Worldwide, businesses spent $352 billion (USD) on enterprise software in 2017. If your company is paying a monthly or annual fee for software as a service (SaaS) or desktop applications, on a per-user basis, it makes sense to buy only those licenses you truly need. Sapience for software asset management identifies which members of your company are using specific software services. Some software providers structure fees based on how often software is accessed, and which features are used—so Sapience gathers this data as well. With our IT asset management tools, you can easily see how much time employees spend in each program, making it easier to plan for and control software costs.


total cost of unused software in the US1


of software is unused. Sapience for software asset management can identify unused software and eliminate waste. 2


enterprise software waste in the US alone—money that could be saved with software audit tools. 3

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Determine which employees use key software programs

See exactly which employees used each software program, and when. Sapience for software asset management gathers access data automatically, on a per-employee basis, making it easy to determine user counts per program.

See how much time each employee spends per program

Our software asset management tools collect data every time users access software, including date and time of access, and length of session.

Generate daily, weekly or monthly software asset management reports automatically

Access detailed software asset management reports on demand, and search by date, week, month, employee, and more.

Reduce software licensing costs

Limit spending to only those users who access key software on a regular basis, and get accurate usage data to plan for future software spending, with our application usage monitoring solution. IT asset management tools can save your company thousands.

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