Process Optimization

To improve a process, you must first understand it.

Increase productivity. Improve service. Reduce costs. There are many advantages of process automation—but it comes with costs, as well. Conducting a time and motion study and analyzing results can take many months and thousands of dollars, just to get baseline measurements for current processes. Then, more time and money must be spent optimizing these processes and measuring results. Sapience is an innovative business process optimization tool that is changing the process automation market. Sapience captures data about key processes in real time, generates reports automatically, and has been proven to increase productivity in the workplace by 20% or more. It dramatically lowers the cost of business process optimization and speeds results, providing a faster return on your business process optimization services investment. Process automation leaders rely on Sapience to optimize work processes.


of companies measure and manage their documented processes, according to one survey. 1


of projects undertaken by companies using business process management software were successful, compared to 25% for non-BPM projects. 2


of organizations are looking for Process Mining to add to their business process optimization strategy. 3

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Automate time and motion studies and eliminate the need for expensive consultants

Instead of hiring a time and motion study expert or IT process optimization consultant, Sapience conducts an automated time and motion study for each process and transaction. What once took hours of manual work can now be automatically captured with smart business process automation.

Get better insights

Sapience for business process management provides a detailed step-by-step view of each transaction and process, as well as work output. Nuances not captured in manual review are now visible and trackable. With a high-level view into the everyday trends of your entire team, it’s easier to identify repetitive, time-consuming work practices that could be automated.

Limit non-productive activities

The right insights can help you identify non-productive activities and eliminate productivity killers in your team’s work patterns. Sapience makes it easier to avoid distractions and unnecessary processes, so your team can focus their efforts wisely and increase productivity in the workplace.

Replicate best practices

Ever wonder why some individuals and teams are more productive than others? Do they have better skills? Better processes? A better work pattern? Stop guessing what drives productivity improvement and get actionable data that can be used to train and equip others to excel, along with the best. Employee productivity throughout the entire organization will rise.

Better utilize your team

When it comes to getting more work done, hiring more people is not always the answer. Sometimes, the opportunity lies in getting more value from the people and resources you already have. Sapience’s cognitive process automation tools help you better utilize your work force by ensuring that time is being spent efficiently, and improving workload management across teams. When your reviews are driven by data rather than opinions, impressions and self-reported hours, it’s easier to make more objective decisions—and effective changes.

Accelerate ROI

Optimize work processes faster. With Sapience for business process management, you can get the data you need to identify cognitive process automation opportunities within weeks of deployment. Then, use that data to build process automation initiatives that can save time and money, and free employees’ time for more high-level tasks. Built-in IT asset management tools can further increase ROI.

Fast track process Improvement

Once optimization process steps have been identified, you can implement them faster with Sapience, too. Sapience data empowers you to plan processes better and achieve swift productivity improvement. With real-time visibility into day-to-day activities, you can easily identify activities that are slowing productivity, and resolve issues through better training or work processes.

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