Illuminate outsourcing governance with Sapience software

Outsourcing governance requires a clear view into enterprise-wide transformation

Put most simply, outsourcing governance professionals need to quantify value. They need a clear window into the daily work activities of employees and vendors who can be thousands of miles away. They need objective operational facts upon which to build mutual goals, accountability and trust. They need real-time data on which to base decisions, take corrective action as necessary, and maximize opportunity. Another problem with outsourcing governance is a lack of trust and accountability. Most contingent workforce management solutions rely on an honor system, with vendors self-reporting hours and data about their work/capacity utilizations. Clients often question the accuracy of the information they receive from vendors. Sapience for vendor management provides real-time visibility into daily work, bringing unprecedented transparency and accountability to outsourcing arrangements—and enabling smart enterprises to maximize potential. We can also greatly reduce software costs, with built-in IT asset management tools. Improve your contingent workforce management with Sapience.

Automate reporting and data capture

Sapience’s highly non-intrusive solutions automatically capture data from wherever users do work. Sapience easily integrates with time and attendance management systems, project management tools, CRMs and other enterprise tools. Just as importantly, it eliminates the need for manual administrative reporting and timesheets.

See and understand work patterns by teams

Sapience makes it simple to see how employees and vendors use their time and how teams are progressing toward goals. Objective reports based on real-time insights and alerts are now all available at all times—you will know where things are with just a glance.

Get data that matters

Give vendor management and outsourcing governance teams the enterprise-wide activity data they need to set clear and measurable goals. Sapience’s solutions generate customized reports in real time, providing your leaders with accurate, actionable information to improve workload management.

Drive vendor performance with ongoing feedback

Continuous review and feedback are at the heart of performance improvement, and stronger collaboration is informed by measurable data. The information on actual work effort provided by Sapience solutions launches constructive conversations with employees and vendors about their performance and goals.

Set new SLAs and metrics to auto-manage engagement

Why pay for time when you’re really seeking results? Create output-driven service level agreements (SLAs) and metrics based on accurate, objective data. Replace manual employee engagement programs with automatically updated productivity analyses. Enterprise-wide progress toward goals is tracked automatically; when outsourced teams’ goals are aligned with yours, engagement rises naturally.

Create an agile governance process

Sapience’s digital solutions propel your outsourcing governance into the future of work. Automating timesheets, data collection and administrative reporting frees up valuable time and allows your governance teams to focus on meeting goals and improving engagement instead.

A proven record of success

Major regional bank saves $12M in costs with Sapience

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Global KPO increased work output by 40% within 6 months of Sapience roll-out

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Global financial company saves $10M within 6 months of Sapience deployment

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Global IT enterprise increased time on core activities by 30% with Sapience

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of customers are unhappy with their IT outsourcing providers.1


of customers said their outsourcing initiatives were “very effective” in reducing costs, according to a recent KPMG study. 2


of companies found outsourced providers to be reactive rather than proactive in solving problems. 3

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