Employee Engagement

Elevate engagement. Raise performance.

Employees who are engaged in their work are more productive and satisfied—and the companies they work for are more successful. Of course, for disengaged employees, the opposite is true. In today’s age of digital distractions, it’s easier than ever for employees to become disengaged, reducing people productivity, profitability, and career satisfaction. Employee engagement programs are aimed at solving the problem, but true engagement happens only when employee and company goals are aligned. Sapience makes it easier and less expensive to measure employee engagement, with a proactive approach.

Sapience allows organizations to measure employee engagement continually throughout the year, so management can analyze the cause of problems, set benchmarks for improvement, and recognize progress. Sapience also empowers employers to offer work from home options by giving them real-time visibility into day-to-day performance. Armed with measurable employee engagement data and IT asset management tools, employers can better understand how effective work from home arrangements are. Whether employees are on or offsite, it’s easier to measure and raise engagement and improve productivity in the workplace with Sapience.

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workers feel distracted on the job. 1


of U.S. workers feel engaged in their work.  2


annual cost of lost productivity in the U.S., due to disengaged employees. 3

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Save time and money by eliminating engagement surveys

Employee engagement programs don’t have to be time-consuming. Eliminate the monotonous task of completing manual employee engagement surveys and reports. Sapience captures actual data about how employees spend their time, uses it to create employee engagement reports, and captures employee feedback automatically.

Automate timesheets, reporting and data capture

Sapience automatically tracks employee activity to determine how engaged employees are. When employees are engaged, they spend adequate amounts of time in productive activities, creating value for the company. When they are not engaged, they may take more frequent breaks, spend more time on nonproductive work and contribute less value to the company.

Measure employee engagement data and mood daily

Employee engagement surveys are usually given only once or twice a year. Sapience tracks employee engagement data daily, for ongoing measurement and continuous improvement.

Manage work-from-home teams

With Sapience, you get an actual report of time spent at work, including work patterns and employee productivity across your entire team, from any location. Now, you can manage your team’s effort and output effectively, even when they’re working from home.

Provide engagement scores and data to each user

Knowledge is power. When employees understand how they spend their time, they can conduct self-assessments and use the information to improve their performance.

Make employee engagement programs fun with gamification

Employees learn more—and perform better—when they are having fun. Sapience’s gamification tool focuses on improving employee engagement through customized games. Managers can set challenges or host team contests, with results aimed at achieving business goals. Gamification adds healthy competition to your employee engagement programs, fueling a desire to be the best, and facilitating simple but effective goal-setting.

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