Sapience ES Solution

Business Process Improvement

Sapience delivers completely automated and detailed time and motion study reports. Understand manual and repeatable work within two weeks of installation.​

“Every day, business process leaders do not realize the full potential of process automation due to one of the following reason, (1) It’s expensive, (2) It’s time-consuming, (3) It requires experts. Identification the of the inefficiencies by visualising the business transaction in the context of the application usage can be achieved by the
light weight device monitoring tools.”

– Niranjan Karhade, SVP Product Management​

Fast Track Process Automation

Automate Data Capture and Reporting​ 

Sapience conducts an automated time and motion study
for each process and transaction. What took hours of
manual effort can now be automatically captured.​

Better Insights​

Sapience captures and provides a detailed step-by-step view of each transaction, process and work output. The nuances that were not captured in a manual review now appear through Sapience. Sapience will provide actionable and meaningful insights that do not require expensive experts or consultants to understand

Faster ROI​

With Sapience, you will get data you need to identify process automation opportunities within weeks of deployment.
Process automation initiatives need not be months-long,
time consuming project.​

Fast Track Process Improvement

While capturing the entire process, Sapience identifies opportunities or bottlenecks that can be fixed without automation. With Sapience data, you can plan processes better and achieve swift increase in productivity.​

How Sapience Can Help​

• Conduct Time and Motion study in an automated manner
• Minimize expense on expensive consultants​
• Shorten the timeframe to identify process automation opportunities
• Identify other process improvement opportunities that do not require automation


• Reduce cost of process automation analysis
• Fast-track your automation journey- identify early wins​
• Reduce time and effort for identifying process automation opportunities​


• BPA Tools
• BPM Tools​
• ERP Tools​

A Proven Record of Success

Major regional bank saves $12M in costs with

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Global KPO increased work output by 40% within 6 months of Sapience roll-out

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Global financial company saves $10M within 6 months of Sapience deployment

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Global IT enterprise increased time on core activities by 30% with Sapience

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