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Knowledge is power. Sapience helps companies understand how time is being spent, how software is being leveraged, and how processes can be optimized to improve results. Best of all, we do it all automatically. Learn how your business can start capturing accurate, real-time employee productivity metrics to simplify outsourcing governance, lower software costs, improve processes, and engage employees.

Outsourcing Governance

Get more value from outsourced teams. Sapience as a outsourcing governance solution brings unprecedented transparency to contingent workforce management, giving you a clear view into daily work and making it easier to measure progress, set goals, and drive performance improvement. No more relying on manual timesheets and reports. Sapience delivers automated, accurate reports in real time—based on real data.

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Software Utilization Audit

Pay less for software with Sapience as a software asset management solution. Effortlessly track time spent in each application, on a per-employee basis, with our software audit tools—and only pay for the software your teams are actually using. Our IT asset management solution is easy and inexpensive to implement, and it could save your company millions of dollars.

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Business Process Optimization

Let Sapience be your efficiency expert. A traditional time and motion study requires full-time experts and months of work—but Sapience can help optimize your work processes in a fraction of the time, and at a much lower cost, with our cognitive process optimization tools.

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Employee Engagement

When employees are engaged in their work, they are happier, more energized, and more productive. Sapience employee productivity analysis tools provide real-time visibility into daily work, helping employees set goals for improvement, and measuring progress so results can be shared and celebrated.

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