Drive Sales Productivity to Increase Revenue

What sales activities are closing deals? What are your top performers doing to secure and close key opportunities for the business? Answer these questions and more with reporting that combines Salesforce information and work effort data per representative.

How To Get Better At Accurately Forecasting Sales?

  • Easily integrate to Salesforce and correlate data from your other data applications.
  • Analyze your pipeline to prioritize new opportunities, renewals, expansions, and identify at risk deals.
  • No longer manually manage multiple time-consuming data sources to mine for actionable insights.

Effectively Manage Sales Team Activities

  • Understand daily activities and patterns by rep, revenue, or lead/opportunity.
  • Learn and duplicate top sales rep talent behaviors and activities.
  • Empower sales teams to act quickly by putting reporting and analysis directly in their hands.
  • Minimize uncertainties and make better decisions about the allocation of time and resources.

Focus on the Right Activities

  • Prevent sales burnout to reduce employee churn and increase retention.
  • Provide performance metrics of work activities to help reps find points of improvement.
  • Use analytics to design specific training and development sessions by rep.

Smarter Sales Workflows

  • Streamline processes with automation, repeatable workflows, and predictive analytics.

  • Close deals faster with data visualizations providing communication progress and rapid responses.
  • Minimize risks in the funnel highlighting blockages and gaps known to kill deals and productivity.

Make Confident Business Decisions

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