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A Workforce Storm is Building – Are You Prepared or Exposed

Watch to discover three seismic trends that are converging – and already redefining – how companies will engage, optimize, and transform their workforce. Understand the impact they’re having on your business and how you can start planning to get ahead of them. WATCH NOW

Learn How to Save 30% on Contingent Workforce Costs

Watch to learn how Sapience delivers workforce analytics to empower organizations with the data-driven insights needed to achieve favorable outcomes like reduced external labor spend, increased deployable capacity, and stronger negotiation leverage to name a few. WATCH NOW

Everest Group’s People Analytics Platforms PEAK Matrix Profile

Everest Group names Sapience Analytics a Major Contender in People Analytics Platforms PEAK Matrix® 2024 Assessment. Download the custom Sapience profile from the report to learn more about the unique features and benefits of our workforce analytics, insights and decision support platform. DOWNLOAD NOW

5 Ways Workforce Analytics Can Change Your People Strategy

It’s no surprise that organizations continue to tackle obstacles surrounding attrition, recruitment, and engagement, as the current “war for talent” progresses. Tune in to understand why workforce analytics is an ideal solution to the talent management struggles you’re facing. WATCH NOW

A Guide to Leading with Data in the New Era of Work

Future-focused enterprises are leveraging data to better manage hybrid and remote teams and enhance their overall workforce utilization. Learn from this white paper actionable insights that enable you to harness the power of workforce analytics and succeed in a challenging labor market. DOWNLOAD NOW

An Enterprise’s Guide to Improving External Labor Capacity

Most enterprises have little if any visibility into the actual work being done by contracted resources resulting in costly challenges. This white paper will help you overcome these challenges and achieve significant cost savings using workforce analytics for your contingent workforce. DOWNLOAD NOW

Uncovering the Power of Workforce Analytics in Shared Services

In collaboration with SSON, Sapience explores and uncovers the power of workforce analytics for GBS organizations in this extensive and impactful industry report. Discover how to use workforce data to mitigate Attrition, Recruitment & Upskilling, and Engagement & Performance. DOWNLOAD NOW