Remote Working is the new NORMAL! 

Guide your team working from anywhere in the world anytime.

Embrace the Hybrid

Work Culture

Get insights into the business work activity of your remote team working from anywhere in the world.

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Remote working is here forever!

Remote working is reshaping the global work culture as the new normal. Remote working is opening a new frontiers for hybrid working. Some businesses are going with a 100% remote workforce and some are balancing with 80-20 rules. Remote working is giving both employers and employees mutual benefits including cost-saving, more productivity, flexibility, work-life balance, freedom of choosing work locations, etc.


  • 82% of business leaders are ready to allow employees remote working for some time.
  • 74% CFOs intend to move employees with permanent work from home to reduce cost.

How does Sapience Vue help in your way of

remote working? 

View work habits, patterns, the health of your IT infrastructure, and the work activity of your remote employees. This helps you to fill the skill gap to boost productivity, balance workload, and unlock the team potential.

View analytical reports of your employees’ work activity including active and inactive time. Accordingly, you can assign shifts as per their time and comfort zones.

Leverage intelligent work activity analytics to predict workforce trends. Prediction based on data empowers you to plan your next activities with smart visions.

You can view your metrics on time spent on various  business activities. It helps you to keep an eye on your productivity level.

Productivity intelligence to improve
remote working patterns

Get insights into the business work activity of your remote team working from anywhere in the world.

Pandemic preparedness

Learn from Sapience Analytics’ CEO how your business can best prepare to manage employees remotely in
during an emergency.

The 5-step remote workforce emergency management plan

Our how-to guide for implementing a remote workforce as part of your crisis escalation procedures provides guidance on building a remote workforce contingency plan, structuring compliance, maintaining productivity levels and more.

Why it’s an excellent idea to work from home

As an employer, you shouldn’t be hesitant to move your workforce partially or fully remote. Here are the facts, benefits and solutions that help solve for concerns of moving to a globally distributed remote workforce.

Where does all the time go: A study on how we work

Learn how and what employees at big and small business spend their time on each day.

Working smart – Designing your home office for maximum productivity

Read the 6 ways having a well-organized home office helps you maintain remote workers’ peak productivity.

Easy tips for working with a remote team across time zones

Read the 10 ways you can ensure your team’s productivity doesn’t take a hit when coordinating with team members in various time zones.

We have tied up with Sapience for their product Sapience Vue. It will enable 15% of our workforce to follow the ‘Work from Home’ model effectively & efficiently.”

– Chairman & CEO of Leading Global Digital Solutions and Technology services company



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