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Sapience Vue

Enterprise Business Work Activity
Analytics, Insights & Productivity​

A contactless and automated solution that
accurately captures effort data keeping
employee privacy at its core.



“With employee privacy at the core, Sapience Vue, our SaaS next-gen contactless and automated enterprise knowledge workforce work analytics solution, is built to help enterprises drive greater business value by providing accurate and real time insights into the business effort data. With Machine Learning, Sapience Vue helps predict future operational outcomes that can help drive fact-based and better business decisions.”

– Wesley Bryan, COO, Sapience Analytics


Sapience Vue Overview

Productive. Efficient. Engaged.


SaaS based data analytics solution to optimize your enterprise’s business efforts and processes. Sapience helps companies understand how time is being spent, how software is being leveraged, and how processes can be optimized to improve results. Best of all, we do it all automatically. Learn how your business can start capturing accurate, real-time employee productivity metrics to simplify outsourcing governance, lower software costs, improve processes, and engage employees.​



Sapience Vue Benefits



Get actionable insights


Clear visibility into employee, team, or contingent workers’ productivity, engagement

Make better business decisions


Use machine learning to predict future operational outcomes and address problems

Unified, real-time view of effort


Contactless aggregation of work data with reporting, analytics and insights


DevOps, automated testing and deployment make rollouts steadfast


Leveraging Azure features with top security, privacy, and managed integrations


Comprehensive platform support across Windows, Mac, Linux, & VDI


Built ground up for large firm’s ensuring low total
cost of ownership


Built from the ground up for large, distributed firms
with scale up


Sapience Vue Solutions – Use Cases​



Work Activity Analytics,
Insights & Productivity

Manage your Human Capital to its highest potential. Identify, manage, and develop employees to maximize productivity. Organize teams efficiently and eliminate churn.




IT Outsourcing Governance

Introduce accountability for your outsourced teams.
Eliminate the need for self-reported, error-prone timesheets. Manage your contingent workforce through automated,
accurate effort measurements.​




IT Software Management 

CIO’s can get true visibility as real-time data collected by Sapience Vue solution can be used to perform software audits, reduce licensing costs, and enhance security.



End User Experience

Automatically captured data from device end-points includes
CPU Usage, Bandwidth, Disk Space endpoints.
CIO’s can use this data to make informed decisions on ways to improve end-user experience.​




Sapience Vue Upping Table Takes

Vue out of the box offers next gen solution build on appreciating technology ​



Azure, Unlimited space,
multi-tenant, private cloud & storage​


Support Portal, top notch global follow-the sun support​


Multi-level across App, Data, Infra, Process and Compliance


On demand scalable from 250 – 500K users



Sapience ES

Enterprise Work Activity
Monitoring & Analytics​

Sapience ES our On-Prem Knowledge Workforce Analytics Tool that captures meaningful work data about your workforce to discover opportunities to boost productivity, optimize performance and improve processes across functions globally.​



Sapience ES


Employee Engagement  Improvement

Manage your Human Capital’s engagement to its highest level. Identify, manage, organize teams, engage with gamification module to maximize engagement and retention management.


Manage your outsourcing engagement proactively. Set goals, SLA’s, and measure vendor team’s performance in an automated manner. Manage through accurate effort measurements.


Free up your sales reps bandwidth to sell more, automate CRM data entry process. Get data you need to forecast accurately, keep deals moving and focus on right opportunities.​

Business Process Improvement

Fast Track Process Automation. Save months of effort and millions of dollars that are currently spent on lengthy and manual process studies by using
Sapience solution.​


A Proven Record of Success


Major regional bank saves $12M in costs with

Read case study

Global KPO increased work output by 40% within 6 months of Sapience roll-out

Read case study

Global financial company saves $10M within 6 months of Sapience deployment

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Global IT enterprise increased time on core activities by 30% with Sapience

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