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Blog | 04.08.2015

You Want A Tip To Beat Stress – How About 15!

You’ve probably heard a lot about Mindfulness and of how the focus of the complete attention on the task at hand can help one to be more productive and also less stressed. The practice is grabbing the headlines after companies like Google and General Mills have adopted it in their work practices and people are adopting mindfulness in everything they do – even the gym. The Q is exactly how does one become mindful? This post is for those who have the curiosity but not the answers – here are not 1 or 2 but fully 15 practical tips on how you can become more mindful, more productive and less stressed.

The tips range from planning your day – prioritize and build a routine to having a rest and having fun while doing your task. Go ahead – you may well become a mindfulness expert by the time you are done reading the post!

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