Blog | 05.15.2015

#WhatMakesMeHappy – Time for Some Introspection

Ask anybody around you “What do you want most in life?” and most probably, the answer will be “I want to be happy.” Sounds very simple, isn’t it? Mind you, it is not money, power or fame – it’s plain simple happiness.

Everybody around us is busy running after something – better job, more money, exciting work, fame, power or something else. At the same time, everyone wants to be happy. A lot is written on this by psychologists, journalists and even Buddhist monks.

But we decided to ask common people – like you and me – on what makes them happy. When many are busy cribbing about life, weather, traffic jams, job, bad boss and so on, we asked our Twitter friends to share with us things which make them happy – simple everyday things which make them happy. The hashtag was #WhatMakesMeHappy.

The response was so overwhelming that we had to capture it in this blog and share with you all – there are just soooo many things to be happy about in our everyday life. Here is what came out of the Twitter conversations –

  • The smell of wet earth after the first rains #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Being breathless after a great run #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Waking up with the sun after a great night’s sleep #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • The sound of children laughing #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Getting my hands on a great new book #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Dancing like no one is looking #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • A scrumptious meal and not worrying about the calories thereafter #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • An unplanned date night in the middle of the week #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Striking off ALL the things off my to-do list #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Planning a great vacation #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Ignoring toxic people and being fine with it #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Closing a big account which I’ve  been working on for the longest time #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Starting my day with meditation #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Nailing a work presentation before an important meeting #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • A game of pool with BFF in the evening #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Writing a blog post that really means a lot to me #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Thank yous and appreciations from clients #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Watching beautiful sunrise while I workout #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Getting lost in a book I’ve been dying to read #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Doing tasks at work that have meaning for me #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Going out to a delicious work lunch #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • When I hear the lyrics that totally apply to the current situation #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • A hot cup of coffee just when I want it #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Getting the most important thing of the day done before lunch #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Smiling co-workers and a great mentor #WhatMakesMeHappy at work
  • A cute little bird singing on the tree outside my office window #WhatMakesMeHappy

Here is some more amazing stuff



After seeing this it made me realize that the best things in life are really the small little things in everyday life which we don’t even bother to pay attention to and ignore so easily. But in the end, these are the things which bring the genuine smile on our faces and give the true happiness. Being in the moment – for everything we do – seems to be the key to happiness! What do you think?