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Blog | 02.24.2015

What Really Is an Ideal Work Environment?

Weekends are good for some casual reading and for being updated about what’s happening in the industry. One of the links which I had bookmarked for later reading was a report by Regus, an organization that works on workplace solutions. It recently conducted a global survey of over 22,000 business respondents from 100 countries, to understand the preferences of knowledge workers from their workplaces.

The survey revealed many interesting findings such as –

  • For 82% of the respondents, reliable and fast IT services was one of the most important factors at the workplaces.
  • The average commute has increased by 5.5 minutes to 32.5 minutes as compared to two years ago when the average commuter travelled only 27 minutes one way.
  • Although the commute has increased, the commuters are not able to get important tasks done during that time so they end up spending that time in to make phone calls (59%), listen to music (58%), contact family and friends (50%) and catch up on the day’s news (45%).
  • Workers don’t prefer working on crucial tasks during the commute or in public places because that puts their privacy at risk – In the privacy risk stakes, cafés (59%) are followed by hotel bars and lounges (50%) and planes (46%).
  • Almost a quarter (23%) reported that they would prefer to be reduce their commute time and prefer to work closer to home which, they believed, will provide them more free time.

Employees have great expectations from their workplaces but outside the work environment, what bothers them is the commute time and the survey has captured that very prominently.

I am not surprised with these findings. Living in SFO, I can completely relate with this. I have seen my productivity drastically going down on the days when I need to travel long distances for meetings. Thankfully, at Sapience, I don’t need to report to office at fixed time or be there for specific number of hours.

In today’s well-connected world, knowledge workers are able to use technology to respond to queries faster, work from anywhere as per their convenience and thereby boost their productivity. Taking advantage of this, I think, companies need to seriously start offering flexible working hours and work from home options to the employees. After all, more than the “hours in office”, what matters is the “productive hours”.

As far as organizations have options to scientifically analyze the enterprise efforts and also offer the employees a way to self-quantify their work patterns, I am sure that such options are only going to bring in higher productivity and better work-life harmony.

To download the complete report, visit http://press.regus.com/the-ideal-workplace-environment-report