Productivity Improvement | 12.02.2014

Use “Work Yoga” to Improve Your Company Culture

The timeless art of practicing yoga has been around for centuries, and recently the benefits of yoga have begun to influence the work space.

Whether you practice Vinyasa or Barre, yoga is designed to help you have a: sunnier disposition; reduced joint pain; improved sleep patterns; enhanced confidence levels; and a more calming disposition. With the latter list of self-improving characteristics in mind, it is no wonder that yoga is being used as the inspiration for improving company culture.

Improved Work Mindset for Enhanced Results

By understanding the technology side of engineers, as well as the personal or human traits, Sapience has developed a new software solution that is geared towards improving work culture.

The software monitors the various ways that an employee finishes his tasks. Just as yoga seeks to push people on the path towards self-improvement, so too does Sapience aim to help employees “work smarter.” By monitoring employee activities, tracking work patterns, and analyzing the results, Sapience can highlight previously unseen areas of strength and weaknesses. Once these areas have been highlighted, an employee can move towards working smarter, rather than wasting energy by working in an inefficient manner.

Using Yoga Principles to Improve Company Culture

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, yoga has a number of benefits, all of which are designed to create a happier, healthier you. However, yoga also makes all portions of your life into a transparent canvas. In a similar vein, Sapience uses transparency of work effort to remove subjectivity. This mentality allows employees to actively seek self-improvement. As an engineer, when you understand that you have the freedom to both be creative and to tell the client what is best, you will have suddenly created an open work culture. The open work culture leads to a more productive atmosphere, happier employees, and a united self-improving work force.

Many people in the United States have become very health conscious. Whether they are practicing yoga or wearing a Fitbit, individuals are seeking to improve all facets of their lives. Sapience understands this need and provides employees with an opportunity to transparently enhance their work production levels, spot areas of weakness, and reduce stress by delivering improved results.