At work, only Quality matters, and Quantity does not
Productivity Improvement | 01.21.2014

The Work Statement!

It was end December time, and Kunal who had started on his first job recently, was enjoying a short vacation with his friends.

As usual, the topic of last year’s achievements and next year’s resolutions came up. Everyone was sharing their thoughts, but Kunal was lost in his thoughts. He recalled his recent review of his bank statement, where he found out that most of his withdrawals were in cash. It amounted to quite a bit, but he could not recall where exactly he had spent so much money. He knew that he hadn’t wasted any money, but still he would have liked to keep track. The difference between actual expense and recollected expense was significant. He remembered spending money for family gifts, travelling, movies, and the occasional meal out, but did not know the breakup, and it still did not add up to what his statement showed him.

One of his friends, Arun, who also was his team lead, noticed that Kunal was silent, and asked what was wrong. Kunal explained the reason. Arun smiled and suggested that Kunal start using his either Debit or Credit card so that he automatically got a detailed breakup. Arun reminded him of a thought penned by a famous Marathi author – Va.Pu.Kale “It is not when you spend your money which gives you stress, but when you are not able to tally the expenditure.”

Kunal started using his Card, and the monthly statement began to give his trends. He discovered how much he spent on mobile bills, impulse online shopping, movie tickets, dining out, gifts and so on. Knowing the exact facts, he decided to set some limits on a few key categories. His discipline paid off. He was soon able to manage his expenses and keep them within reasonable bounds. He even got reward points from the bank, which he could trade for gifts.

Coincidentally, his company introduced new software that helped employees account for their time in office automatically. He noticed some of his colleagues grumbling, including his friend and team lead, Arun. But Kunal immediately understood the advantages. He told the others about his experience with cash, and told them: “hey, let’s look at this positively. If we get a statement of our time in office each day, we can ensure that we don’t waste too much time at work. We can put in reasonable work, and yet go home early.”

He was even able to explain to Arun – “as a team lead, you will know for sure that we are working hard. If someone is not putting in enough effort, there will be no dispute about it. That person and you as the team lead will both have the same facts about work time.”

Now it was Arun’s turn to reflect and eventually agree with Kunal that this could be a Win-Win situation for everyone in the company.