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Blog | 04.17.2015

The Rule of 96-Minutes to Productivity

Well-known American Author, Philosopher and Thought Leader, Henry David Thoreau has famously said “It’s not enough to be busy, as are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about.”

In today’s hyper-connected and ‘always-on’ world, all of us seem to be supremely busy and over-worked. And despite working for long hours (and supposedly, very hard), many of us feel that we haven’t been able to achieve a whole lot during the day. This leads to workplace related stress and anxiety. We all are always trying to strike work-life harmony but not been able to succeed in that.

Probably it’s high time that we seriously introspect on Henry’s quote. What do we work on during the way? How focused are we in our approach? Randy Mayeux, co-leader of First Friday Book Synopsis and author of the e-book 12 Vital Signs of Organizational Health, has an answer to this through this famous concept of 96-minute rule. If applied at workplace, the 96-minute rule could be a key to becoming more productive at work.

The 96-minute rule says that one should dedicatedly work for 96 minutes on the most important task – without any multitasking and refraining from any kind of interruptions. When followed diligently, it can increase the overall performance and focus throughout the day.

Leadership experts and HR heads across various organizations seem to agree with this and are trying to implement various practices, tools and technologies to help their employees in implementing this rule and becoming more mindful at the workplaces.

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