Blog | 03.27.2015

The New Workforce Needs A New Manager

The times they’re a changing – that’s even more true if you are taking about the demographics of today’s workforce. In this article for India’s leading Business magazine, Business Today, our CEO, Shirish Deodhar, shines the spotlight on exactly how the workforce has changed with the entry of a much younger crowd of professionals.

The article talks about some of the main consideration of this new, more youthful, workforce. It primarily identifies their:

  1. Comfort with digital technologies
  2. Desire for engagement at the workplace
  3. Need for Work-Life integration
  4. Communication / Collaboration imperative

The article then makes the point that given the different motivations of the professionals in the new “Millennial” workforce the manager who was tasked with leading them had to be acutely aware of what drove them and of what they valued. It then suggests a few tactical solutions the managers or their organizations could adopt to engage them better and keep them motivated.

Take a look around you – if you see a workforce younger than what you were used to seeing a few years ago then you know what the article has to say will help you.