Sapience Winding Down
Productivity Improvement | 04.20.2015

Sleeping Your Way To Being Productive

The digital revolution has completely changed the way we do business, often making us more productive and allowing us to work from anywhere that has an Internet connection. While mobility and maximizing productivity are beneficial, it is also important to unplug, allowing your mind and body the opportunity to recharge.

Many of today’s most productive business people are constantly on the go, especially in the digital age, as new technology has made it nearly impossible to go a day without being tethered to a device. However, one of this year’s biggest trends, self-quantification, has helped researchers focus on sleep patterns and how getting a good night’s rest can help us maximize our productivity.

So, how important is a good night’s sleep to our productivity? Extremely important, not only does a good night’s sleep allow you to maximize your productivity, it also helps reduce stress and illness. There are a number of ways to assure that you get a good night’s rest, so make sure and try these simple steps to a better night’s sleep.


Ditch the digital device! This is the most important step in the unwinding process, as there is no way to get a good night’s rest if you are glued to your work device up until lights out. Not only will unplugging improve your sleeping habits, but it will also allow for you to connect with those around you.

Try a Sleep Alarm

Research has shown that staring at bright screens can have a negative impact on our sleep. However, it can be easy to get caught up in work and lose track of the time. This is where a nighttime alarm can come in handy, as it will let you know when it is time to unplug. Set your nighttime alarm for at least an hour before you plan on going to sleep.

Develop a Night Time Ritual

Now that you have unplugged, it can be beneficial to have a night time routine that helps your mind and body recognize that it’s time to start winding down. When you develop a beneficial nighttime regimen your body will be accustomed to the routine and it will make it easier to get a full night’s sleep. Try dimming bright lights, enjoying a calming tea, or practice meditation. The point of the nighttime routine is to help your mind and body slow down from the crazy pace of work life, allowing you to be fully revitalized for the following day.

Self-Quantification Devices

One of the most interesting technological innovations in regards to how we sleep is self-quantification devices. By using wearable tech, we can now see how our sleep patterns affect our work habits and productivity. Self-quantification can help us better understand when we should go to sleep, and what habits best help us achieve a full night’s rest. Find out what habits are most beneficial for you and enjoy highly productive days as a result.