Press Release | 11.19.2015

Sapience is an IBM Partner for its Open HR Initiative

I am pleased to announce that we signed an Agreement with IBM last week to be part of their Open HR initiative, designed to help enterprises recruit and hire the right talent, compensate them fairly, manage their performance & find the star performers.

Our interaction with IBM started back in 2014 after we won the TiECON TiE 50 Award in Bay area. IBM was the main sponsor of the TiECON. We knew back then that joining hands with the IBM Kenexa team would be a great opportunity to build joint solutions to help elevate HR practices. A year of discussions and planning has resulted in this partnership – and this is big for us.

Under the Agreement, Sapience will build interoperability between its People Analytics solution with IBM’s Talent Management (Kenexa) suite of products. Through their Kenexa Open HR initiative, IBM enables clients who are building their next generation HR systems, the choice and flexibility to integrate with HR data from partner applications.

 IBM’s Open HR Initiative is designed to promote a multi-vendor approach making HR professionals more productive with a complete and consistent view of everything they need to effectively perform their job in a familiar, common interface. Sapience has picked up significant traction within the HR community. Recently, Sapience was one of the featured products at the IHRIM’s annual conference and CEB’s ReImagine HR event. The partnership provides us with further leverage to reach out to the IBM Smarter Workforce community.

Talent Management has typically focused on staff ‘Hiring’ and ‘Retention’. Sapience adds significant value to the Talent Management workflow by providing unique data for the ‘Develop’ and ‘Manage’ aspects. It helps HR leaders engage, retain, motivate and reward the bright talent hired into the company. For example, with Sapience you can identify top talent, facilitate experience hops as a mean to retain and elevate talent, determine employees at possible flight risk, and ensure optimal resource utilization across the organization. Sapience has a deep and wide impact on the business ranging from higher profitability and productivity to improving employee engagement and wellness. Talent Management is just one of the starting points where the business can reap immediate benefits from Sapience data.

Stay tuned to learn more about the joint solutions that we would be launching soon. Feel free to write to me if you are curious to learn more about the partnership.