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Blog | 12.19.2014

Office Morale

Company culture seems like a hot new buzzword that is making the rounds on every digital media site and tech blog. However, investing in your company’s culture is something that will pay huge dividends as you start to recruit top tier talent.

Investing in your company’s work culture will be essential to keeping your team motivated and invested in your company’s objectives and continued success. The old norm was to offer greater financial reward to compensate for long hours and hard work. However, the next wave of talent is equally focused on spending those long hours in a work environment that is conducive to their personal health and happiness.

So what can your company do to improve your work place culture? Try these five simple steps to boost morale and bring about the transformation. Creating a positive work environment will help boost productivity and maximize results for your business.

Stay Active

Promoting a healthy work place is essential to maintaining company morale. Exercise greatly reduces depression, anxiety and fatigue, in other words, promoting exercise is an essential element to keeping your employees happy. Many progressive companies have started investing in their employees’ well-being by offering in-house yoga and workout equipment. If you don’t have the resources to offer these benefits in-house try offering health incentives like a stipend of a gym membership, or a stipend to encourage your employees to ride their bikes to work.

Keep Your Door Open

Employees will be more engaged and invested if you are willing to listen to their ideas. Keeping an open door policy is a great way to have a more cohesive and open work environment. Your employees are on the front lines, and are often the key component to innovation and progress. Hearing their ideas and being open to communication is essential to building a relationship with your people. Let them employees know that they matter, and that their ideas are being heard. With that you will see a drastic improvement in your company’s morale.

Don’t Set Rigid Hours

At one point in history, rigid office hours were required to keep your employees on track and make sure they were meeting deadlines, however this antiquated idea is just that; antiquated. Like everything else in the workplace, technology has changed the way we view the employee-office relationship. It’s important that you allow your employees access to activities and life events away from the confines of an office. This doesn’t mean that you have to cancel your office lease so everyone can work in sweatpants from their couch, but allow some flexibility, as long as your employees prove they can complete some of their work remotely. Allowing employees to be engaged in life outside of the office will help boost morale and increase productivity.

Ditch the Junk

Workplaces that have snacks or offer employee meals should ditch the junk food and instead offer them healthy snacks and drinks. Fresh juices, fruits, vegetable salads, whole wheat sandwiches, granola bars etc. will make more for an interesting platter, don’t you think?

Leave the Office Together

Getting out of the office for a bit of fun or adventure as a team is great way to form a bond that will endure during those stressful long hours at the office. Ditch the predictable and often forced happy hour and do something exciting. Make sure you plan it during normal work hours, so your employees don’t have to spend even more time away from their families and outside activities. Try volunteering one Friday a quarter, or take the team group treks, white water rafting, cycling trips etc.

Many companies are afraid to allocate resources and time towards their employees’ wellbeing, but if you want to boost productivity and the overall morale at your workplace, investing in your employees is essential.