Blog | 11.25.2014

Not Only Productivity, but Mindfulness Also Increases Velocity

Agile software development projects can be profitable only when the development teams, along with being productive, also reach their velocity – which means they perform the tasks at hand in a very fast manner. This can happen when the management of the organization gets a clear picture of why individual members of a team are contributing the most or the least,  and also gets to understand the elements of various most successful/not so successful projects through assorted reports. Such clear reports can allow Managers to follow a more personalized approach with programmers by educating them on how exactly they are spending their time and what can help them in improving their productivity and velocity.

The Sapience Mindfulness Suite helps organizations in spotting the trends and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each and every team member. This brings in accurate changes and improves the overall organization productivity and velocity – thus improving the overall profitability.

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