Blog | 08.26.2016

Love tracking time? 5 reasons you will love it even more.

Tracking time is valuable but painful too. Filling paper timesheets or cumbersome excel is not fun, soon the time it takes to track time defeats the purpose. We like people who track time and have a something new to share. We recently launched the new and updated Sapience Buddy mobile app- your automated personal time tracker.

If you love to track your time, here are 5 reasons you will love it even more with Sapience Buddy.

  • It’s Automated & Convenient
    We get it, you are busy and do not want to spend time tracking time. Tracking time has never been easier or more convenient, all you need to do is install the mobile app, set it up and it starts working for you. It is like having a personal assistant that follows you and captures all data for you; it is always ready with the dashboard to help you understand how you spend your time.
  • It’s Accurate
    Data is useless if it is not accurate but tracking time down to minute is no fun either. No more tracking time to the minute or guess work, Sapience Buddy will give you the accurate time capture automatically.
  • It’s Analytical
    If you cannot analyze and create actionable insight then why to capture data. With Sapience Buddy you can view historical trends and see patterns of how you spend your time and in what activities- phone calls, travel, remote meetings, and interact with which apps.
  • It’s Mobile
    We are not always in front of a PC to log time and carrying a piece of paper to track time whole day will surely raise some eyebrows. Our work is getting mobile too and a lot happens on the mobile phones. Use mobile technology to your advantage. Let the device and app work for you and be ready with the data you need to plan your day better.
  • It helps you reclaim your time
    Knowing how your time is spent is the easiest way to find time to do things that matter. “Track Time to Find Time” is what we believe in. With Sapience Buddy you can set goals for self, even track your fitness activity and plan other activities in your day. Sapience Buddy automatically puts tracked time into activity buckets that help you understand and plan your day better.   Go ahead reclaim your time and set goals for activities outside of work, after all; life is not just work.

“Track Time to Find Time” Try Sapience Buddy, download from the Play Store, did I mention it’s FREE.