How to improve work efficiency
Blog | 12.24.2014

How to improve work efficiency

How to improve work efficiency

A ticking clock. A cold pot of coffee. A coworker who can’t stop sneezing. These are the stereotypical images that define the modern workplace—images of boredom and minutia, and perhaps what you experience every day.

In most cases, this image of a stereotypical office is a product of those working in it, and a couple behavioral changes can alleviate boredom, enhance work efficiency, and improve work life.

Organization is key

Organized people generally get more accomplished. A good place to start is your physical work place. Perhaps it’s not vital to know exactly where your stapler is at all times, but a cleaner work promotes a serene headspace and offers fewer distractions. You may find that that cleanliness will also affect your appearance—a professional-looking work area and attire is a surefire way to improve work life.

Organization does not limited to physical spaces—calendars, planners, and checklists all promote work efficiency. Just make sure to consolidate everything into a single location, because if your methods of organization become unwieldy, then the point is lost.

Get rid of distractions

With a world of information literally at your fingertips, it is extremely difficult to become distracted at work. Social media, videos, and entertainment sites are all battling for your attention. In fact, with so much to consume, it’s a wonder that anyone gets anything done!

Although it’s a difficult (near-impossible!) practice, restricting recreational Internet browsing will greatly affect work efficiency. If your assignments don’t require you to be on the online try disconnecting altogether. This also applies to personal phone calls and texting. Switching your phone to off or silent will diminish the temptation to engage.

Take breaks

There’s a difference between an efficient employee and an overworked employee. It’s not unusual for go-getters to want to “push through,” skipping breaks in the process, but this can lead to subpar work or disastrous oversights. Remember to take short breaks to let your mind reset. Take a walk, get some fresh air, or visit the water cooler. You’ll be amazed how these little efforts positively affect your overall output and improve your work life.