Blog | 04.28.2020

Executive Cheat Sheet to Business Continuity in a Crisis

Sapience Analytics has been featured as one of the most effective tools available to help organizations navigate this aggressive shift to remote work/work from home in Wavestone ‘s Executive Cheat Sheet to Business Continuity in a Crisis. Wavestone is a large, well-established management consulting company with 3,000 employees. Its legacy was built on advising clients on outsourcing and managed services. It was formerly well known as The W Group after its founder Harry Wallaesa.

With many unforeseen challenges and impacts on business operations, IT leaders have a huge challenge in front of them. From hardware, software, to security, IT leaders must ensure their organizations continue to run smoothly.

However, when it comes to their human capital, IT leaders and business leaders must work together to ensure their workforce is continually empowered and supported during this transition. Workforce analytics should be on the top of the list as it is the foundation business leaders will need to make very important business decisions around: remote team management, workload balancing, staffing uncertainty, meeting/communication/collaboration effectiveness, worker compliance, software planning, operational efficiency, and so much more.

Sapience Analytics has over a decade of helping global organizations successfully implement work from home and/or flex time programs. We bring tangible economic value by providing rich workforce data and actionable insights that increase workforce productivity, operational efficiency, and employee engagement.

Being highlighted in the Wavestone Emergency Kit is a solid validation of our ability to deliver value to organizations looking to support, manage, and enable their entirely new, remote workforce.