Productivity Improvement | 11.25.2014

Dividing and Conquering a Tough Work Day

We all know how tough it can be to remain enthusiastic at work. Long hours and work-related stress can leave you feeling exhausted, defeated, and like Sisyphus pushing a rock of paperwork up a hill with the knowledge it will come crashing down once you almost reach the top. Those feelings carry on after work hours, which has a way of ruining time with your family and friends. However, just as we know the downsides of stress, we also are aware of all the positive effects of a pleasant, productive work day. In very basic terms, we are happy when we are doing well. That’s why striving for self-improvement is key.

Instead of staring at a huge stack of work that needs to be finished by the end of the week and trying to figure out how on Earth you’re going to finish it all, take action by structuring your day in a manner that is most efficient.

One method we at Sapience advise for improving your work day is the ‘Divide & Conquer’ method, which is the first ‘pose’ we recommend in our Work Yoga strategy for increasing workplace productivity and organizational effectiveness.

With this, an employee breaks their 8-hour work day into five 90-minute chunks. Each of those chunks is allotted to completing an important task. No emails, no calls, no other distractions are allowed for that hour-and-a-half block of time. If that means sticking your cell phone in a drawer, so be it. This method is meant to help you conquer a bunch of assignments in a single work day. One or two of those chunks can be reserved for emails, calls, and any other non-urgent tasks that often suck up the time you need to spend on other more important matters.

It’s a great idea to schedule two of your chunks at times you are most productive, which varies from person to person. These are called ‘Golden Hours’. This is a time set aside for crushing that huge expense report, article, or any other urgent and important task on your to-do list. Managers can even implement company-wide ‘golden hours’ time slots in order to ensure that no meetings or other disruptive things interrupt that precious time.

In giving your employees a fine-tuned structure to tackling a tough work day, you inevitably help bring down their stress levels and boost overall morale. It’s all about creating a work environment that facilitates efficiency and productivity.