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Blog | 04.22.2015

Did Apple Miss on Something Big about Employee Productivity and Work-life Harmony?

Gone are the days when opportunity to work in swanky offices was exciting enough for employees to join a particular organizations. Engineers no more join a particular organization just because it is very famous or is a tech giant. High salaries and titles are not the only reasons why people enjoy their jobs. So what are the knowledge workers really looking for at their workplace? What do they really work for?

Recently, Ben Farrell, former Apple employee, wrote a detailed blog post on why he quit Apple. The blog talks about long meetings, non-appreciating bosses and lack of work life balance as some of the things which bothered him and made him take the decision of quitting Apple. While we don’t know the facts in this instance, it does get us in thinking mode.

Here is an article which summarizes a few such things which you, as a Manager or Leader, could do to make your employees more engaged, productive and stress free.

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