Sapience Design your day
Productivity Improvement | 03.16.2015

Designing your day is the trick!

Design is often categorized as something that is purely visual or aesthetic. However, a key element in design should be the function of a product or how it can add value to our lives through innovative technology and progressive user experience. Simply put, design shouldn’t just be visually stimulating, but also add value to our lives.

With these design principals in mind, the recent self-quantification trend has set forth a title wave of innovation in regards to how we can best maximize our time and increase our productivity. More than just a piece of wearable tech that beeps at you when you haven’t taken enough steps throughout your day, self quantification technology could allow users to achieve unparalleled results by allowing them to design their days around maximizing productivity.

So, is it possible to design your day around your productivity? We think so. Here are four key elements to designing the most productive day ever!

  1. Honing In On When You’re Most Productive– Self-quantification at work is gaining popularity because it allows users to understand when they are most productive and schedule tasks accordingly. If we are most attentive to our work with self-quantification, then we can schedule heavy detailed tasks around the productivity upswings, and we can schedule less detail sensitive work like emails, for less productive times.
  2. Knowing When You Need to Move– The verdict is in and sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours straight is not only extremely unhealthy, but is also unproductive, as taking breaks boosts our focus and creative output. If you have had your head buried in a client brief or design project for hours on end, it’s essential for you to get up and move around. Through self-quantification we will be able to learn when it is time to press pause and get our blood flowing.
  3. Controlling Stress– High levels of stress can quickly lead to burnout and a drop in productivity. By using self-quantification tools and software, we can measure what activities induce stress and use the results to help manage stress effectively. Unfortunately, a life void of any stress isn’t obtainable, but it is key to not stay in high stress zones for long periods of time, as it’s emotionally and physically unhealthy. Self-quantification tools can recognize when we have been in high stress situations for a prolonged duration of time and send us reminders to take a break.
  4. Rest is Best– Not getting enough sleep can affect everything from our productivity to our overall health and wellness. It’s critical for us to get enough sleep to properly achieve our daily tasks with efficiency. Self-quantification tools help us maximize our rest time, tracking our sleep patterns and whether or not those late night work sessions are having a negative impact on our daily lives. By paying attention to sleep data we can better understand when it’s time to unplug and allow our bodies and minds to rest.

The advancements in self-quantification tools and software are allowing us to better understand how we best function as human beings, leaving no doubt that we will soon understand how to design our days around maximized productivity.